Feb 23 2011

Link Building Tips For Bloggers

Category: link buildingTom Shivers


Are you a blogger or marketer whose pool of link building resources are getting a bit dry lately? Here are some ideas to quench your thirst.

Utilize your RSS feed

Register your feed with RSS feed directories: feedage.com, feedagg.com, feedblitz.com, feedmap.com, invision-graphics.com, etc.

Do you have content on sites that you have no control over, i.e. guest posts with a link to your site? Create an RSS feed of this content and put it in the RSS directories.

“Wait a minute, RSS feeds just point links at my blog posts and guest posts and not at the pages I want to rank for.”

Yep, right you are, but if your blog posts contain links that point at your target pages, then the post pages in the feed just got stronger, carry more weight and pass that on to the links contained within them.

Beware of Google’s FeedBurner

The main drawback to using FeedBurner is that your feed will no longer be hosted on your own site. Since Google bought FeedBurner, your feed URLs are all redirected to feedproxy.google.com whenever you “burn a feed.” This is bad because all those RSS feed directories are pointing at links that you don’t own and your blog will never get link credit. I’ve had greater success link building with RSS feeds since I completely kicked the habit of “burning” my feeds.

Anyway, all blogs that I’m aware of create their own RSS feed URLs that are owned by the domain name they are hosted on, so use them instead of sacrificing them to FeedBurner.

In case you are completely addicted to all things Google, including FeedBurner, there is a way to configure it to retain the feed URL’s originating source.

ComLuv Network

You’ve heard of comment spam and no-follow links within blog comments; this is a network of bloggers that takes blog commenting back to where it was meant to be – a community.

Blogs that have the CommentLuv plugin installed contain an icon (as seen at the bottom of my comments section) showing their affiliation with the network. Fellow network members can add their comment to the blog post and if approved the title of their latest blog post is linked (sometimes a do follow link) via their RSS feed after their comment.

What I like most about the ComLuv Network is it attracts intelligent comments from fellow bloggers who get a small reward for adding value with their comment.


This tool distributes your blog to twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, Google Buzz and more via your RSS feed.

Most of these social networks place a no-follow tag on your links, but if your content gets into the hands of the right influencer, they will link to it from their blog or a news/resources area of their site, and that usually means the no-follow tag has been removed. There are many different tools that do similar things as dlvr.it, so pick one and get going.

WordPress Plugins

I’d rather not obsess over SEO plugins because they can lead you to believe that SEO is all done if you implement them and yet most of the SEO plugins don’t really do much good or they can easily be abused, but here are a couple worth using:

  • YARPP (yet another related posts plugin) – algorithmically finds related posts to the one just published and links to them
  • RSS Footer – allows you to add a line of content to the end of your RSS feed articles, including a link or two to internal pages of your site

Social bookmarking

If you are publishing interesting content, it makes sense to let others know about it so they can enjoy it and pass it on. Most social bookmarking sites tend to favor certain types and topics of content over others; the members of the site review the content submitted and decide whether it’s good for the community or not by either voting it up or down. Obviously the best content gets voted to the top and everyone who comes to the site sees it first.

When an entry gets voted up to the first page, it usually gets a number of links to the blog post, some are do follow links. But the greatest benefit is that industry leaders and influencers hang out there and if one of them likes your post, it can get a lot of attention!

A few social bookmarking sites to check out:

  • Blogengage
  • Bizsugar
  • Old Dogg
  • Kirtsy
  • Blogger Luv

Publish Killer Content

I saved the most important link building tip for bloggers til last. Today, your blog posts must move from good to great to really get the benefit out of these automated tools and techniques. So pick your topic, title and delivery well for each post – with the end result in mind. Your end result should be massive engagement, which means that people love it enough to tell someone else about it.

David Leonhardt recently wrote an excellent post on creating content that gets massive engagement and how to use it in the various social bookmarking sites: Zoom your business ahead with Social Bookmarking

Delivering your content should not be the issue, but content, yes great content is the currency of social media and the reason people link to blog posts today.

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15 Responses to “Link Building Tips For Bloggers”

  1. Martin E says:

    Super article Tom, thanks for the information.

    Another important optimization is having categories that are nice and granular that are also keyword-rich.

  2. Tom Shivers says:

    Martin, that reminds me of an item I left out. Most blogs have a separate RSS feed for each category, you can get to it by clicking on the category and click on the feed icon in the browser address bar.

  3. Shiva @ Money Making Ideas says:

    Those are some great tips Tom, I knew about the most of them except for dlvr.it, I will certainly try it. Also thanks for the social bookmarking sites, I had never heard about Old dogg and Kirsty
    Shiva recently posted..How To Increase Affiliate SalesMy Profile

  4. Kira Permunian says:

    I get informed with the Google feedburner. Thanks for the share. Building links plays a vital role in any SEO campaign and in the visibility of the blog. This, however, depends on the blogs or the blog directory where we have submitted our links.
    Kira Permunian recently posted..Googles Big Algorithmic Improvement in SearchMy Profile

  5. Nishadha says:

    I have being using RSS directories for a while and one big advantage of them is that they help you a lot in rankings and also in getting indexed quickly.
    Nishadha recently posted..Email marketing in Sri Lanka- how to capture leads and build your mailing listMy Profile

  6. peter says:

    Thanks for the info. RSS feeds are definitely underused. I know I’m not using mine effectively, but I will be soon!
    peter recently posted..New Google Link Position Below TitleMy Profile

  7. Hayley says:

    Thank you for the share Tom. I never knew about those specific social bookmarking sites and commentluv sounds awesome to increase the number of relevant comments and traffic!
    Hayley recently posted..Hot Singing Tips for BeginnersMy Profile

  8. reshiagirl says:

    Link building is truly a great tool for your site to be known. I am using RSS feeds for my sites too. Still has to grasp more information about SEO. I am just a newbie roaming around here who doesn’t know much about the avenue of this market.
    reshiagirl recently posted..online angry birdsMy Profile

  9. pam says:

    i agree that one of the best and effective ways in increasing pr of your site is through link building.. it may seem complicated and a bit tiring at first but just hold on to it and for sure you will have the best results!
    pam recently posted..– ONLINE DATING ADVICEMy Profile

  10. kenoboy9 says:

    Everytime there is a new innovation about SEO I always make it a point to read it. There is none other tool more effective than link building.
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  11. Eve says:

    Great post! Thanks for the informative article. Wanna try this myself soon.
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  12. Kimberly says:

    Good article.. Thanks for sharing!

  13. kakashi says:

    Nice tips for the link building…Now I have a lot of learn all about that info..Thanks! | 😛

  14. Sally Thompson says:

    There are a lot of ideas that I can get in your site! Keep up the good work..
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  15. AstroGremlin says:

    Appreciated the heads-up on the Feedburner problem with CommentLuv. Holy mackerel. I *think* unclicking the box on the Feedburner settings fixed it.

    I noticed that the RSS feed for my site had all my CommentLuv comments posted in it. Sure makes the feed look dumb, even if it’s not siphoning away rank juice or whatever we’re calling it. IF I ever get a subscriber to my RSS feed, I would not want her to be disappointed.
    AstroGremlin recently posted..9 Largely Ignored SuperherosMy Profile