Aug 20 2009

Winner vs. Loser Internet Marketing

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Is your business Change Oriented?
Early adopters of new products and services usually determine the future. If early adopters love it, so will the mainstream; if early adopters don’t love it, no one else will hear about it. Early adopters can also influence the business regarding the product/service in terms of features, fixing problems, pricing and marketing it. What does this have to do with Internet marketing?

Change oriented companies are fast and efficient. Within a day of the decision, fast companies begin implementation of new Internet marketing plans based on current data.

Change oriented companies utilize the Internet to empower customers and fans to promote the business to their networks. Comments, complaints and a live exchange of ideas from prospects and customers help the company better align their products/services and brands with the target audience.

What not to do:
Your organization is seriously considering an online marketing campaign that looks promising, then an important someone asks “But what will we do if a competitor of ours leaves a false comment or bad review about us?” Do you allow speculation to take over at that point?

Fear of the unknown must be dealt with quickly and realistically if the new idea of targeting online audiences ever gets past the discussion table. Prepare well and be ready to deal with speculative questions.

Does your business possess the competitive edge?


  • Fear oriented: the idea that anyone can say whatever they want about the company paralyzes them or they allow speculations to influence their decision
  • “Just trying to get by” attitude
  • Believes there is a “silver bullet” secret to SEO, Google Adwords, etc. rather than a well planned and executed approach to Internet marketing
  • Believes top rankings and/or top position ads in the search engines will bring the revenue
  • Fails to test each aspect of the campaign from attract to convert to customer loyalty. Fails to measure success by tracking campaign conversion rates and return on investment on a regular basis
  • Fails to keep up with the opportunities that the “shift to online” presents
  • Discussions and reminders about the problem rarely result in action taken to solve the problem
  • “I’ll get an expert on my team if I have to” attitude


  • Knows their customer better than their customer knows themselves: how they go about making decisions, what they really want rather than what they say they want
  • Change oriented: uses the Internet to empower fans to promote the company, or engages their fans to be part of their marketing team
  • Clearly understands their uniqueness and competitive difference in the market place and how to communicate it
  • Focus on becoming the #1 destination on the Internet for one product, one service or one resource rather than attempting to gain attention for hundreds of products and services
  • Synergy with all deployed marketing so that one campaign points to another and vice versa
  • Attracts excellent people to their team and engages expert resources as needed
  • Possess a cause or purpose that is bigger than the company and customers feel like they are part of it
  • Action is taken, budget and resources are allocated

This summer I’m reviewing marketing principles from excellent books and seminars I’ve attended. Some ideas in this post came from a seminar presented by Steven S. Little: The 7 Irrefutable Rules of Small Business Growth. I modified it to fit businesses who specifically want to exploit their online audience. Steven’s book, also by the same title, discusses:

  • Sense of purpose attitude
  • Outstanding market intelligence
  • Strategic planning and focus
  • Customer-driven processes/campaign optimization
  • Power of technology
  • Team
  • Seeing the future
  • Takes action

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