Mar 09 2011

Building an Email List for Your Business or Industry

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The internet has opened up new opportunities for business and building an email list can be one of the ways that it can be utilized. Growing the email list can help a business expand its connections and continue to move down the path of success.

Simple Tips for Growing an Email List

  • Make signing up as simple as possible. That means having a sign-up request showing prominently on your website. Some companies offer email signup at check outs. Another good way to help increase the signup for you website is by having a pop-up that makes the offer when the visitor signs off the website. Choose a sign-up page that is easy to find and easy to fill out and you will help grow your email list.
  • Offer valuable incentives for signing up. The giveaways that you provide will depend on the niche where you are focused. Use some of your own products or connect with PLR sites to get freebies that are related to your business. People like to get something for nothing and most will give away an email for that purpose.
  • Ask for referrals. Offer an additional bonus for those email subscribers that refer a certain number of their friends or family. You can make the bonus conditional on the referrals signing up as well if they are sending the sign-up request to their own lists, or you could ask them to give you the email addresses of those people they think would be interested in the giveaway. Both paths should lead you to some qualified email addresses.
  • Create strong email content that you can send out to your current list. Encourage them to share the information with others that may have a need. Be sure to include a link that will lead readers back to the sign-up page on your website.
  • Keep your email list engaged. Provide them with regular information that will keep them interested in your products, but not so many emails that they unsubscribe to your list. It will be a fine balance, but the odds of finding that balance can improve if you let people know in advance (as in, when they sign up) how often you or your company will be contacting them at that email address that they use.
  • Be a part of a giveaway or contest on a related site. Offer your own products as promotion and be sure that your contact information lands the participants on a sign-up landing page or a page where the email sign-up is prominent.
  • Avoid paying for an email list. It may be a quick and easy way of growing your numbers, but qualified subscribers are even more valuable. You need to know that the person that is getting your time and attention has an interest in the product you represent. Building up an email list through different direct contacts can be the best way to ensure that happens.

The top businesses get to that level by developing relationships with their customers. Your email list is just one of those links in the relationship chain. The strongest chains are forged one link at a time until the final purpose has been met.

Building an email list may be a numbers game, but it should never be all about numbers. The names on the other end of the list are important. The most successful email lists are those with interested buyers or qualified buyers. The best way to get a strong email list that can help build your business is to give visitors what they want and continue to offer value along the way.

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    When building a E-mail list it is important to focus on recurring customers, because then even if your list is relatively small you can make a decent income from it.
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