Jun 27 2011

5 Advantages of Content Management Web Design

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If you run any sort of business whatsoever, whether you’re a work at home parent or a multi-million dollar company, you need a great website. Some still think that fully interactive, frequently updated websites are expensive, time consuming and difficult to maintain. Content Management Systems (CMS) offer a simple way to publish content on the web in an attractive, cutting-edge format.

CMS websites give you the control.
As a website owner, a CMS website gives you control over the content. No more waiting for your web designer to fit updates into their schedule. No more paying for every little change. You can update your website any time you like with very little training.

CMS websites are versatile and reliable.
Content Management Systems like Joomla!, Drupal and WordPress are powerful and versatile open source programs that streamline website development, optimization and upkeep. Think of them as the Internet equivalent of modular home construction. Thanks to standardized building blocks of code built on a solid core that’s been thoroughly vetted for security and reliability, web design and customization to suit any particular need is faster and more fool proof. This works out well for both web developers and their clients. Designers can put out prototype sites quickly for their customers review, revision and approval, and clients save on costs.

CMS websites are powerful.
Those who are only vaguely familiar with the idea behind Content Management Systems may be under the impression that a CMS is only good for hobbyist blogs and low-traffic sites. The fact of the matter is that many of the web’s most popular and highly trafficked pages run on open source and proprietary Content Management Systems. The official White House website, for example, is run on Drupal. So there’s no question that they’re up to the task of handling a major project. The great thing about the CMS is that it’s incredibly easy to change the look and feel of the site until it’s exactly what you’re looking for visually and aesthetically.

There are many reasons to use a Content Management System for your website. Here are five of the most compelling:

  • They make updating content frequently a breeze, allowing you to stay in touch with your audience and provide value to customers on a daily basis.
  • Once set up, they don’t require any special knowledge or programming and design skills to modify and edit as you see fit.
  • They mesh extremely well with Social Media services like Twitter, Facebook and more to help raise your online profile for greater visibility.
  • They’re also a great way to manage both discussion forums and multiple blogs through one consolidated interface.
  • A knowledgeable web designer can provide you with training to handle any hiccups you may experience down the road.

Guest post by The Web Shoppe, a website design shop that specializes in content management system websites.

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6 Responses to “5 Advantages of Content Management Web Design”

  1. Shanna Cramer says:

    Thanks for the publish! Great article. 😉
    Shanna Cramer recently posted..What is your website missing?My Profile

  2. CMS Design Services says:

    CMS websites are truly beneficial for updating page contents. Joomla, Drupal these are award winning content management systems and very user friendly. I totally agreed with above mentioned points.

  3. Tom Johnson says:

    I completely agree with your points. Content management web design is invaluable in saving time and money in dealing with the content on your system. With so much emphasis being made these days on the value of content in gaining search engine ranking, a tool that allows you to insert and update content on your own is priceless. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work.

  4. Ashley Baxter says:

    I’ve done websites before without CMS and also with. CMS is obviously the easiest way to go. To your point on it being easier to update content with a CMS, I love being able to queue things up and post them at a later time! Something you can’t do without a CMS.
    Ashley Baxter recently posted..Twitter Binge & Purge: What do unfollows say about a brand?My Profile

  5. Bob Thompson says:

    I love CMS sites and this is what makes Joomla so terrific. Very good post and thanks for the information.

  6. CreativeFluff says:

    WordPress For the win haha!