Mar 19 2012

Web Design Trends of Late

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It has just been a couple months since the 2012 marker, and some patterns have made themselves very obvious with the way designers have planned their work. Indeed, many of them are just like the previous year, so it seems like 2011 and 2012 may not be too different. Of course, there are still some small changes to be seen.

Grid systems have a stake to claim in responsive web design lately. More and more grid systems have begun to pop up on the Internet, and designers have begun using them in greater frequency. Now that they have begun to infiltrate the market, designers have begun to trust the method and perfect it, making the web that much better. The previous year saw frameworks achieve popularity, and they will still be so for a few more years. After all, some of them are fluid and allow a level of discipline that any design can build upon.

Typography is also something that has been around for quite a while. In fact, Steve Jobs himself claimed to have studied calligraphy over 30 years ago in college, and typography began as a discipline on the Internet about five years ago once designers realized the power of its effects on the way people perceive content. Typography continues to evolve, and designers are becoming better at putting together typefaces in order to get the effect that they want to achieve.

However, last year is something especially important to note; designers started to notice that fonts must be read, so the content could be too. Using font that is fancy and bold makes it difficult to read, and this began to disappear and will continue to do so throughout 2012. When it comes to the Internet, education happens rather quickly, and people figure out common sense with design before any other subject. This year is one where people will begin to put more emphasis on content.

Now with the popularity of smaller screens, scrolling is thing that can no longer be avoided, so it will need to be embraced. The people who are trying to avoid the importance of the fold have done so thanks to the gadgets and technology that have emerged in the last few years. This trend is set to continue, so it is clear that the fold will soon be history.

However, if there is one thing that designers will see during 2012 is the parallax effect. This is like scrolling but without using the track pad or the wheel of your mouse. Instead, you just need to tap certain keys on your keyboard or click certain buttons in the menu to scroll to another part of the page. This is something rather interesting, and many web designers are likely looking forward to seeing this compromise between fold lovers and fold haters.

Another web design trend of 2012 is the rising popularity of modular interfaces, though many designers still debate the practice. After all, it is not quite well known how well it works due to an absence of the research behind it, but this is precisely what 2012 is all about — web designers can see what level of success it can reach.

It also seems that people will keep their designs minimal through 2012. The previous year showed how immensely popular minimal design was, and the design choice is going to continue its domination of the industry through 2012, even though it is somewhat difficult to design minimal work due to the multiple theories. However, it is very easy to code and just about everybody finds it pleasing to view. It is simple, direct and does not waste any precious time that people have so little of these days — it is information quickly delivered to you as quickly as needed.

Outside of this, people from Kam there does not seem to be too much else that is new for the year 2012. Developers and designers alike are continuing on·ward on the same track, further improving the tools and concepts that they have been using in the last year, and web designers have been digging through motivational articles more and more because it is something that permits them to keep going with the things they love to do.

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6 Responses to “Web Design Trends of Late”

  1. Alex says:

    I knew it that we should not underestimate modular approach. I am sure by using CSS/XHTML we can build our site in modular fashion easily.

  2. Harman says:

    Typography and Mobil Compatibility will be on main Focus in 2012 Web Design Trends.
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  3. Stephen Broadbent says:

    I’m a web designer and mobile compatibility/responsive design is the next big thing as far as my clients are concerened. Quite right too.

  4. Design Quotes says:

    I’ve noticed that fonts have been getting better and better. I think when building CMS website for clients it really important to make sure the CMS uses styles rather than fonts. Also, training the client to use styles instead of formatting fonts is necessary to prevent them from creating content that is inconsistent with the design.
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  5. Mrinal says:

    Glad to know about web design trends of 2012. Thanks for this post.

  6. Lisa Williams says:

    Hi, do you have a similar system for websites that specifically targets mobile devices. Been experimenting on a lot of design, but it doesn’t feel right. Something is missing and I can.t figure it out.