Jul 05 2010

Was the Direct Mailer, TV/Radio/Newspaper Ad Campaign Worth It? Consult Your Web Analytics

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Chances are that your company markets itself through a number of different channels.  Whether it is through traditional advertising methods we are all familiar with like radio, television, newspapers, magazines, direct mailing, billboards, etc. or from more modern efforts like search engine marketing, you need to be able to quantitatively determine if your strategy is driving business.

Do you currently have measurement tools in place?  Are you paying a firm a lot of money to track the results and give opinions on your campaigns?  Are you just using the same advertising strategies your company has used for the last 10 years?  Are you able to tell definitively what is working and what isn’t?

No matter your answers to these questions, using quality website analytics and statistics can help you improve your current practices.

Here is a common situation.  A company sends out an expensive direct mail campaign to thousands of prospects.  The company more than likely does this because well, they did it last year at this time and they have always done it this way.  In order to determine the success of the campaign the sales department and marketing managers sit back and wait to see if the phone begins to ring a little more than normal.  Wouldn’t it be great to quantifiably determine whether the campaign was a success?  Imagine if the company proceeds this way.  Design the mailer to make the address of the website prominent along with a sentence directing the reader to go to the website for more information or to sign up for something.  Send the mailer out and using your website analytics you will then be able to track exactly the increase in traffic to the site and how many people filled out a sales form, signed-up for a newsletter, bought a product or whatever you determine the goal of the campaign to be.  Somewhere on the website have a special phone number that is only on the website and if people decide to call instead of fill out the form you can track the calls that come into this particular number and credit the website with driving the lead.

If you are a national company and run radio ads in different markets, analytics can help you see the effects of the ads.  Analytics enables you to see the geographic location where your traffic is coming from down to the city.  By using quality web analytics you could run a radio ad campaign in one city mentioning your website, then check your analytics to see if the traffic surged in the city as compared to a city where the ad didn’t run.  You could even run two different ads in different markets and see which ad was more effective at driving traffic and customers to the site.

By analyzing the web statistics maybe you will find out that that direct mail campaign isn’t quite as effective as you thought it was or that one of your radio ads is more effective than another.  You may also find that your current marketing efforts are working pretty well.  But, if you cannot say definitively what is and what isn’t working you could be putting money into the wrong marketing channels.

The best part about analytics is that some of the best tools are free.  Google analytics is a very robust reporting tool and gives you access to so much valuable information about your website.  There is no need to pay for services that monitor your web stats.  All this information could be right at your fingertips for you and the people within your company to analyze for yourselves.

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