Jun 19 2008

Not so Dynamic Insertion

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The dynamic keyword insertion tool for adwords is a great tool for managing large amounts of diverse keywords within an adgroup. For those of you who are not familiar the keyword insertion tool allows you to place a code combined with a generic keyword into your ads. This combination results in the actual keyword the searcher was searching for appearing in the ad. This has been proven to help with click-through-rates because searchers respond more to seeing the exact phrase or word that they typed in.

So, say you sell sporting goods and have targeted the keywords “soccer balls”, “footballs” and “golf balls”. An example of the way you would write your ad using dynamic insertion would be:
Title: {Keyword:Sport}
Description line #1: {Keyword:Sport} for Sale
Description line #2: Name Brands at Great Prices

Depending on the keyword that was searched for the ads would appear like:

AD #1
Soccer Balls
Soccer balls for Sale
Name Brands – Great Prices

AD #2
Footballs for Sale
Name Brands – Great Prices

AD #3
Golf Balls
Golf Balls for Sale
Name Brands – Great Prices

However, there are situations when the standard method of dynamic insertion may not be helping click-through-rates. Most commonly these situations are when the keyword phrase involves multiple words or multiple letters that should be capitalized in a row like “USA Foreign Policy”. Obviously, if it appeared “Usa foreign policy” instead it would not be as effective at grabbing the searchers eye because it doesn’t clearly convey the meaning behind the title. In order to avoid these mistakes you should use these code variations to make sure that your ads are being displayed correctly.

* keyword – No capitalization, all word(s) are in lower case
* Keyword – The first word is capitalized
* KeyWord – Every word is capitalized
* KEYword – Every letter in first word is capitalized
* KEYWord -Every letter in the first word AND the first letter of other words capitalized
* KEYWORD – Every letter is capitalized

So continuing with the example from above when placing the dynamic insertion code into the ad we would use the {KEYWord} option when placing the code into our ad. This would mean when a search searched for “USA Foreign Policy” that is exactly what will appear.

If you are using dynamic insertion in your ad campaign make sure that it is helping and not hurting you. Also remember that there is no substitute for taking the time and breaking up your keywords into smaller more manageable adgroups and writing unique ads for each group.

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