Feb 03 2014

Does Google Know What’s Authoritative To A Human?

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An interesting question was posed on Webmaster World last summer that got lots of attention, comments and suggestions – Authority and quality: Google definitions vs common sense

I’ve summarized the main points of the thread below in this poll. Go ahead and vote for up to 3 items:

Does Google really know what is authoritative to a human?

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6 Responses to “Does Google Know What’s Authoritative To A Human?”

  1. Emory Rowland says:

    They have a long way to go IMHO.
    Emory Rowland recently posted..If Google Built CarsMy Profile

  2. Tom Shivers says:

    I agree. What happened to you Google, you used to be so relevant?
    Tom Shivers recently posted..The New SEO – Independence From GoogleMy Profile

  3. Gail Gardner says:

    Google is doing precisely what their CEO said they would do years ago. They are “cleaning up” the “Internet cesspool” by favoring big brands (think multi-national corporations) and killing off small businesses. If Net Neutrality doesn’t take away the Internet as we know it, Google will make sure no one still using their search engine can find independent thinkers or alternative viewpoints. The solution is obvious: we need to find a search engine with their own crawler and assist them in becoming “the” search engine.
    Gail Gardner recently posted..Consultants Are Not Magicians; Clients Must Drive Their Own Bus #smbizMy Profile

  4. Tom Shivers says:

    Thanks Gail, I don’t know of anyone who thinks Google should remain the uncontested search engine for the Internet. I’m all in for promoting the next generation of search!
    Tom Shivers recently posted..Break Your Addiction To Google – Part 2: EngagementMy Profile

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  6. David Weightman says:

    I voted for: Google will never be able to satisfy a “majority” of searchers by targeting a minority or even a plurality of searchers, which means that Google needs to do a better job of personalization. Why? People always have expectations to things that they search, and people behind google must decide whether they need either to uplift or go down where the masses are.