Jul 10 2008

13 Foolish Assumptions About Internet Marketing

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Interesting, quirky, who told you that and sometimes funny comments we’ve heard…

“All I need is more clicks to get more biz”

“We expect SEO to get us top rankings for our full range of over 200 products”

“Our CEO (or HiPPO, highest paid person’s opinion) makes the final decision about which design is best for our online audience”

“My web designer can handle SEO”

“We’re going to get 3 proposals from SEO companies to find the best one for us”

“Get the keyword in the domain name to help get top rankings”

“Buy more keyword rich domain names to get more traffic from search engines”

“Getting a high Google PageRank (PR) for my site is important for top rankings”

“I can out maneuver Google’s algorithm, it’s just a software program”

“We don’t need keyword research because we know how online prospects are searching for us”

“All search engine traffic should be sent to the home page”

“We don’t need testing because we know what our online customers think, feel and want”

“We’re going with the cheapo shopping cart for our ecommerce site, but we can always change later if we need to”

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One Response to “13 Foolish Assumptions About Internet Marketing”

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