Jul 03 2008

Dwight from “The Office” vs. The Company Website

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What does a salesman do when his company sets up a new, well-designed, user friendly website that allows their customers to bypass the sales department and order products all by themselves? Well, if you are Dwight from the popular NBC show The Office you “carb-up”, fight back and challenge the website to a contest to sell the most products.

This episode hilariously illustrates the results that implementing a website as a selling entity can yield. Dwight is forced to overcome the many inherit advantages that a website possess over the traditional method of selling. The website can serve multiple people at the same time, it can serve people coast-to-coast or even globally, can give the consumer every bit of information about every product, the website never needs to take a break, etc.

As we move to a more and more technologically advanced society the buying process, much to Dwight’s dismay, will likely follow that same path and in fact it already has. Studies show that when presented with a contact form and a phone number a significantly larger percentage of website visitors will fill out the contact form rather than call and speak to a member of the sales staff. I myself will always do most of my research on a product through the web without calling anyone and if I can order the product online, even better! Why risk calling and being put on hold for twenty minutes or speaking to a pushy salesman or someone who you have trouble communicating with?

If your company is not doing all it can to leverage the power of the internet the chances are you will be left behind.

Dwight however will not take this sitting down and was willing to do whatever it took to defeat the website, even if that meant breaking into his secret contact list he stole from Staples. Click on the link below, then choose select episode on the bottom and scroll over to the episode “Launch Party” to find out if Dwight was able to defeat his enemy.

“The Office” from NBC – Launch Party – Remember to Scroll across the bottom to the “Launch Party”

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