Feb 09 2011

Cool Conversion Tips From My Bookmarks

Category: conversion rate optimizationTom Shivers


10 Little Known Factors that Affect Your Conversion Rate
Sherice Jacob loads up this article with excellent tips and graphics to clearly show the lesser known things that impact conversion rates: call to action statements, shopping cart convenience, policies, colors, and more great stuff.

Be Funny or Don’t Even Try. What Makes a Video Go Viral?
See some hilarious videos and learn a thing or two about the viral nature of successful videos from MarketingVox.

Roles vs. Personas vs. Cognitive Styles in Conversion Optimization
Tim Ash defines roles, personas and cognitive styles and how each should and should not be used for landing page optimization.

How to Double Your Conversion Rate in the Next 5 Minutes
Cameron Chapman offers 6 easy-to-implement tips that have potential to double the conversion rate of your sign-up form. If you haven’t done any conversion rate optimization before, this is the place to start simply because the sign-up form has more impact on conversion than any other part of your website.

7 Conversion Tactics You Should Be Using but Probably Aren’t
Sherice Jacob shows how to remove common barriers through the sales process, making it easier to buy. “If we can just make it simple and pain-free, they’re ready to take action.”

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