Aug 17 2011

20 Things You Can Do To Make Your Blog Stand Out

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Update Your Blog’s Design

1.        Make Your Blog Sticky

Provide Next and Previous post buttons to allow people to easily navigate between the posts of your site. Use attractive graphic animations for the buttons for more interest.

2.        Put In A Best Post Slider

On your website’s homepage, create a slider using big splash images with your best post in it. When users see your best content presented in a grand way, they’ll be keen on exploring the rest of your blog.

3.        Create A Splash Header and Footer

Create an attractive splash header indicating the parts of your blog that you want people to visit. A nicely defined footer with some graphical input also makes for a good design point.

4.        Use Custom Typography

Design a custom font in eye-catching colors for your blog post headings to make them stand out.

5.        Display Author Bio

Display a small Author bio and not just a ‘posted by’ detail. You can add a small but interesting graphic avatar and highlight salient points about the author. This personalizes your blog.

6.        Merge Multiple Widgets Into One

Don’t keep too many widgets on the sidebar; this causes clutter and confusion. Merge widgets into 3 major ones: Popular, Breaking and Featured posts.

7.        Put Adverts In Your Sidebar

The Sidebar is a terrific location in which to place advertisements if you accept them. This works out as long as you fit the sidebar adverts into your design. They shouldn’t look as though you placed them there because you didn’t know where else to put them.

8.        Keep Your Search Bar Visible At The Top

Place the search bar prominently at the top but make sure you don’t distract people’s eyes from the overall design. You can graphically enhance your search bar so that it moves during mouseover, letting people know it’s there to be used.

9.        Design A Distinctive Favicon

It’s important to design a distinctive favicon, even though this is a 16px x 16px, 256 pixels of real estate. Put some thought into the design of your favicon (also known as a shortcut icon, URL icon, bookmark icon or Web site icon).

Update Your Blog’s Content Style

10.     Incorporate Breaking News

Do you want to impart a sense of urgency to your content? Add a breaking news feature on your homepage. This is easy to incorporate on any blog that offers current content.

11.     Incorporate A Popular Posts Feature

People who want to browse your archives to check out previous posts can feel daunted when they see too many posts. Breaking up a chunky list with a “Popular Post” section zeroes it down for them, and creates additional traffic for you!

12.     Make Author Comments Stand Out

Make author and admin comments stand out because what you or authors say should be noted. Customize the display using attractive background colors, avatars for admin and guest authors and interesting looking quotes.

13.     Display Your RSS And Twitter Count

Display your Twitter and RSS counts on your site; you can put this information subtly or make it stand out boldly. Let your readers know exactly how many RSS subscribers and twitter members follow your blog!

14.     Make Adverts Stand Out

Find innovative methods to make adverts stand out. Why not make the adverts stand out from the text using graphical elements?

15.     Update Comment Style

Create a comment style that looks appealing and entices users to write more comments. A little bit of designing ingenuity in this area along with some cool typefaces can make this part of your blog look good instead of boring.

16.     Style Quotes To Make Them Stand Out

All bloggers use quotes in their blogs. It’s easy to miss quotes if they’re not styled distinctively. Some readers like to read only the quotes and move on, so place your quotes prominently to leverage that audience. You can think of different backgrounds, collage backgrounds, submerged area, or a totally different typeface.

17.     Select Great Post Images For Recall Value

A picture is worth a thousand words. Select your post image with great care; make sure that people will remember the image and look for your blog again. Style your post image using borders or some sort of foliage; make it stand out and be memorable.

18.     Put Some Effort Into Your Content

Come up with catchy names for your blog posts, write on unique topics, or write from a unique point of view. Write specifically for your target audience, who you should research before you write. Drill deeply in your subject. Know that a single in-depth post is worth ten hollow ones. Use sub-headlines and bullets to break up content.

19.     Write Blogs To Suit Major Blog Type Readers

There are several kinds of blog reader types, such as the assimilator, the first and last sentence readers and the nitpicker. Develop a blog writing style that takes in the reading style of major types. You cannot satisfy them all but you can adapt to a few. This will improve your readership.

20.     Make Your Blog A One Place Destination For Information

Let your blog be the definitive resource, where people come for anything to do with your niche. Provide interviews, FAQs, how-to guides, tips and tricks, interesting tidbits and just about everything that can be provided that’s relevant to your niche.

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