Oct 12 2015

18 Proven Ways To Increase Average Order Value

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What is Average Order Value (AOV)?
Total revenue / Total orders = Average order value

Do you know if your customers typically buy more expensive or less expensive products? How many products do customers order at one time on average?

When coupled with the average conversion rate, AOV is useful in predicting revenue based on future traffic. Even investors are interested in AOV.

Here are 18 tried and true ways to increase your AOV…

1. Free Shipping On Orders Over $X

Consumers are motivated by Free anything and if that means no shipping fees added to their order, even better. X depends on your current AOV and your average shipping cost per order or ASCO:

X = AOV + ASCO + round up to an easy number to remember


2. Discounts With Minimum Order Amount

Similar to free shipping on orders over $X except this is a discount – “Get a 5% coupon for orders over $60”

3. Product Volume Discounts

Encourage purchasing multiples of an item rather than encouraging a minimum order total.

  • Purchase 10 or more price: $9.99
  • Purchase 20 or more price: $7.99


4. Bundle Products Together To Get a Discount

AT&T bundles high speed internet, wireless service and TV together as a promotional discount and people buy it, you can do the same in your ecommerce store. Simply create a new product or SKU by putting 2 or 3 products together as one.

Bundled deals increase AOV

credit: jules

5. Loyalty/Rewards Program

Credit cards like Capital One offer cash rewards or points on purchases that can be redeemed easily. Do something similar to incite your customers to buy more since they feel like they are getting something in return for purchasing on your site. Rewards programs can be ongoing but consider using it for specific weeks, days or events.

6. Gift Cards With Purchase

Very similar to a Rewards Program except you are giving customers free credit on their next purchase and it’s easier to manage.

  • “Orders over $100 will receive a $10 gift card on your next visit.”
  • “Create an account and receive a 5% off discount code.”


7. Buy One, Get One-Half Off Everything

You’ll need to segment your customers accordingly and send this offer to customers that purchase often but don’t spend a lot or only buy one item at a time.


8. Upsell Products With One Click

If most people buy the $20 version, offer them a premium $40 upsell version.


9. Cross Sell Products

Offer highly relevant products to complement the current purchase. “Want fries with that burger?” or “Would you like something with that?”

10. One-Time Offers

After someone purchases you can make him/her a special, one time offer that complements the initial purchase. And you can make multiple one-time offers as long as they add more value to the initial offer.

11. Downsales

If the customer says no to the one-time offer, you can downsell them with a different product or a payment plan option on the same offer.

12. Order Form Offer Bump

After prospects enter their credit card details for a purchase and before completing the purchase, make an additional one-time offer allowing them to add it to their current order by ticking “Yes, add to my order” box.


13. Bring Customers Back To Buy

Based on his/her purchase use complimentary and special offers with expiration dates to bring customers back to buy more often.

14. Special Thank You Discounts

Right after completing a purchase, offer a special thank you discount with expiration dates.

15. Most Popular Option

Display three options of an item and show the one that is most popular. Show the low, mid-priced and high-priced items together, usually the mid-priced item is most popular. This often prevents people from choosing the low-priced item.

credit: zoho.com

credit: zoho.com

16. Fundraising

Consumers are likely to spend a little more because it feels good that a portion of their purchase is going to fund a good cause or organization. It also gives you an opportunity to get some free PR. Like Toms Shoes.

credit: Toms Shoes

credit: Toms Shoes

17. Raise or Lower Prices

Test pricing with a small segment of your traffic to see what the market will bare while keeping an eye on conversion rates.


18. Display cost savings at the checkout as a line item


Over to You

I hope you seize this opportunity with a few of the above tactics. The key is to keep looking for ways to up your average order value.

Try out this Ecommerce ROI Calculator to forecast revenue based on AOV.

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4 Responses to “18 Proven Ways To Increase Average Order Value”

  1. Tina says:

    The up-selling always works. We recommend it to most of our digital product selling clients. We do it via email marketing (our secret) 🙂 . Anyway thanks for sharing the post, would love to comeback and read others..
    Tina recently posted..Itransition Confirmed as Top Enterprise Software Developer in the UK in New Report by ClutchMy Profile

  2. Tom Shivers says:

    Tina, thanks for sharing your “secret” got any more?
    Tom Shivers recently posted..The #3 Ecommerce RuleMy Profile

  3. Awen says:

    Informative post. We’re in the process of setting up an Ecommerce website. We have some data and will be looking to implement some of these techniques to increase AOV(Average order value).

  4. Tom Shivers says:

    Awesome Awen! Ain’t it fun to test stuff that already works to see if you get similar results with your own audience?
    Tom Shivers recently posted..The #3 Ecommerce RuleMy Profile