Jul 29 2013

Entertainment Marketing: 17 Ways to Engage Your Prospect On A Budget

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Most content I see these days is designed to be useful to targeted prospects. And that makes me wonder, have you tried entertaining content?

Why so serious? Chill and give your people something to enjoy.

“But Tom, we don’t want people laughing when considering our brand.”

I promise you, they won’t be laughing when it’s time to make a decision about your offer, but they might forget about you… unless you give them something that sticks in their memory, makes your brand lovable and Fun!

I asked some marketers to send me their entertaining stuff and made it clear I’m not looking for the next Super Bowl commercial, but something that entertains on a small biz budget.

1. Blog: be different, be who you are

Dean Frost commented on a LinkedIn Group I follow:
“I introduced a weekly analyst’s blog into a crowded, yawn-inducing space followed by financial officers and investment banks. Every other blog was focused on squeezing out the 11th decimal with mind-numbing analytic gymnastics. Ours was hilarious, with informative bits sprinkled among inside-industry jokes and satire. In 10 months we were the number one report in the industry.”

2. Be unexpected

Charlie King’s off the cuff tutorial, showing the proper way to angrily throw your club into the watery grave.

3. Be clever


4. Billboard humor:
Yates & Co Jewelers, a small family run jewelry store in Modesto, CA


5. Product launch genius:
Most tech launch pages consist of some copy and a short video explaining their product. These guys actually built a variation of their product into the page itself. Check out what they did here: www.minimalytics.com

6. Get an animal to launch your product:
Bayside Entertainment

7. Realtor customizes marketing:

Realtor shows potential clients he will customize the marketing on their property. He says their house is not a plain cookie cutter house, so why would they work with an agent who uses the same “cookie cutter marketing” on every property – www.simplymarketed.com.


8. Vehicle wraps that are loud:
nuphoriq wrapped Tasty Catering’s fleet of 12 plus delivery vehicles in bright colors with bold slogans.

9. Photo booth proof of fun:
iSnap makes a digital photo booth that’s connected to Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare and are permanently installed in venues around the globe. It allows companies to collect email addresses and customer demographic information and is a great way to get customers talking about your business.

10. Show within a Show:
Energy Efficiency The Musical – by Mark Group

11. Celebrity endorsement that’s engaging:
Pop star Anand Bhatt did a custom song release for ONE Coconut Water via a creative exclusive song and marketing/promotional push from Anand Bhatt. 30,830 downloads of the song.
Click here to see the landing page

12. Capitalize on an impending event:
To exploit everyone’s favorite holiday and scare the bejeezus out of shoppers by reminding them that if the world does in fact end in December 2012, the year 2011 would be the last Christmas on
Earth. HERO|farm designed the campaign to inspire you to spend what could be your last days doing the things on your bucket list.
Click here to see the landing page.

13. Take your fundraiser online:
Convo Agency executed a Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign for dressbarn back in October of 2012: “Paint the Country Pink..” It featured a map of the U.S. Each user could click on their state to donate money to breast cancer research. The more a state was clicked on, the pinker it became, therefore becoming a competition between each state. This was a way to both entertain customers and contribute to a good cause.

14. TV commercial with not a spoken word:
Commercial for Berghoff Beer starring Billy Branch by Gunter Agency

15. Boat cruise fundraiser:
Bernard Unger of Unger Financial Network rented out a dinner cruise boat and held a fundraiser benefiting the Alzheimer’s Association complete with lunch and live entertainment. Several of the local papers provided plenty of free press, attendees made a donation to the Alzheimer’s Association and local businesses helped make the event a success by donating prize baskets, gift certificates, etc.

16. Use parody:
GOG.com launched Mac games in a manner which appealed to Mac users–as a parody of the new iPhone announcement–and gamers in general.

17. Be a social media animal:
The World’s First Live Tweeting Badger by Johannesburg Zoo…
Costly? Maybe, but consider the costs of hiring an in-house social media team?


Entertaining marketing like these can become great opportunities for online content and according to an article from Hubspot:

  • It has the potential to blow up the Internet
  • It humanizes your brand and makes you lovable
  • It keeps visitors on your site
  • It’s… fun

Now that you’ve got some inspiring ideas to promote your business without paying a penny, do me and someone you know a favor by sharing this with those who can use it too…


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5 Responses to “Entertainment Marketing: 17 Ways to Engage Your Prospect On A Budget”

  1. Emory Rowland says:

    Wife insurance, lol! Entertaining marketing messages are the ones I tend to remember. There’s a billboard for an air condition company in South Carolina on I-20 that says in big letters “Your Wife Is Hot!” then something like “We think so too. Use our service…” Of course, I don’t remember the company name or would probably never have occasion to use their service but that’s beside the point 🙂
    Emory Rowland recently posted..Beyond the Business Listing: Optimizing Yelp FTWMy Profile

  2. Eric says:

    Great article Tom! Yes a lot of “blogs” and advertisements are boring and sometimes painful to witness! Thanks for sharing some creative and entertaining ways to advertise. I especially liked the “how to properly throw a golf club” and the “Where is Steves Auto repair?” They both put a great spin on an otherwise dull subject.

    -Eric Out-
    (I like to think I’m captain of a Starship lol)
    Eric recently posted..Best Prospecting Strategies – What Would Batman Do?My Profile

  3. Terea Jennings says:

    I can’t get enough of the tweeting badger!
    Terea Jennings recently posted..The Internet is a Monster! It’s Alive… and Needs Constant Feeding. Are You Forking Up?My Profile

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  5. Ti Roberts says:

    Wow, these are some neat and very innovative marketing methods. I love the one with the monkey; very cool. Thanks for sharing this with our bizsugar community. 🙂

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