Sep 03 2013

Entertainment Marketing: Is It Right For Your Business?

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An interview with Bill Van Eron of Headwaters Marketingthe-show

Does entertainment and marketing overlap to you?

“Marketing is all about purpose and what you are trying to accomplish and entertainment is a form of engagement that can be tied to value creation, a thank you, education, etc. But marketing is good to look at as the purpose and entertainment as the means to engage at a high level.”

Businesses either don’t realize they can use entertainment in their marketing or not sure how, what do you see in that area?

“There’s a huge amount of conservatism that affects what marketing agencies or in-house marketing firms can acutally do to show the beauty of their profession. When you take the simplistic part of what  message you are trying to get across to a customer, that’s one thing and a lot of companies stop there and they just think the straight forward delivery of that message or maybe something cute around it will get the attention.”

“There always seems to be some leader or someone who has to approve of marketing who is usually fairly conservative and maybe resistant to try anything that might make someone laugh or might make someone think about something. But entertainment can be a very very powerful way to engage people, it’s a very human way and it helps build credibility to what you are trying to say once people are comfortable with you and kinda like you.”

If we get people to laugh, how are we going to turn that into some kind of business result?

“We’ve all seen TV commercials, especially SuperBowl ones, where we just laugh and remember what makes us laugh but don’t remember the company behind that commercial. So it behooves the marketing firm to make sure that the way they get people to laugh still is integrated with the company and the message so the two are tied together easily.”

Do you have some examples?

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2 Responses to “Entertainment Marketing: Is It Right For Your Business?”

  1. Heather Stone says:

    “…marketing is good to look at as the purpose and entertainment as the means to engage at a high level.” I like this. Thanks for sharing the interview, Tom. So what’s your conclusion? What’s the relationship between entertainment and marketing? Love if you could leave your take in the comment section of the BizSugar community for the benefit of all our community.
    Heather Stone recently posted..4 Biggest Threats To Your BusinessMy Profile

  2. Emory Rowland says:

    Great interview. I love this entertainment marketing stuff. I think as businesses continue to let their hair down, it will make for some great opportunities for marketers. Getting people to laugh is at least getting half way there.
    Emory Rowland recently posted..I dont always Use Meme Makers, but when I do, I use one of theseMy Profile