Dec 09 2013

Analyze Website Performance: Year End KPIs

Category: web analyticsTom Shivers

KPIs come from asking the right questions before looking at the data or analytics. Otherwise, you can get overwhelmed with all of the interesting pie charts, graphs and tables and waste time. So, before delving in consider a good business question.

Btw, these questions came from Avinash Kaushik years ago. I use them to quickly evaluate the performance of a website over any given period of time (not just at year end). And I’m going to interpret these time tested questions as we know the world today.

1. Where do people come from?

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Jul 15 2013

How To Setup Goals In Google Analytics

Category: web analyticsTom Shivers

Conversion tracking is easy to do if you setup goals properly within Google Analytics.  In this video I show you exactly how to do it step by step.

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Jan 22 2013

4 Tips to Get More Out of Google Analytics

Category: web analyticsGuest Author

As a website owner there’s a good chance you use googleanalytics-onscreenGoogle Analytics to track visits to your website. It can be a very powerful tool to get to know your website, visitors, and keywords intimately — provided you know where to look and what to look for. Here are some top tips to getting the most out of your Analytics account.

Compare Metrics to Last Year by day of week, not by date

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Jun 04 2012

3 Steps To Setup An Effective Google Analytics Dashboard

Category: web analyticsGuest Author

I have used Google Analytics for the past two years, with particular intensity over the last eight months and it dawned on me that, up until the last few months, I had never made extensive use of the ‘Dashboard’ feature.  Like my old self, most users I talk to spend their time in the various reports and, in many cases, don’t make use of the extended functionality that Google Analytics has to offer at all.

It’s worth noting that Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool.  The main reason I have begun using the dashboard is easy access: I wanted a way to check my analytics each day and get a full overview of the actionable metrics for my business.  There is so much going on inside Google Analytics that you really need to do this.

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Dec 12 2011

How to Analyze Web Stats to Increase Online Conversions

Category: web analyticsTom Shivers

An interview with Martin Eising

It puzzles me why so few businesses really attempt to optimize conversions. Why is that?

I think it has to do with the way people think about web sites. When someone wants to increase the action they get from their site the first thing that comes to mind is increasing the amount of visitors the site gets. This is just logical, and is naturally the first thing that comes to mind. Doing more with the same amount of traffic , on the other hand, is not something that most people immediately think of.

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Nov 23 2010

Competing On Customer Experience

Category: web analyticsTom Shivers

Beautiful girls at the beach pulling a rope

Jenny: how do text ads vs. image ads affect user experience?
Eric Feige: Jenny, your question is one that Usability Sciences has addressed. It really depends on the persona, the user goals and the scenario that they are completing. Image ads appeal more to customers/users who need a great deal of information and context regarding the product that they are evaluating. Other user profiles, on the other hand, purely want to get through the task at hand as quickly as possible and just need the basics of what is in the advertisement / promotion. Online coupons fit into this category – though our experience and research findings indicate that a great deal of instruction (e.g. print the coupon and take it with you) is required.

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