Jun 14 2011

What is “Sticky” Content?

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So what exactly makes content “sticky?” Are we talking some type of adhesive or is it more of a gel? In the online world, sticky means good things…particularly when you’re talking about content. When it comes to the Internet, “people go online for hard facts and information,” says Enzo Cesario, Chief Creative Officer of Brandsplat. “But if you can make those hard facts and information entertaining in some way, you’re one step ahead.” Sounds simple enough, but as Enzo goes on to discuss in his recent Capture Commerce interview, creating pass-along content is much easier said than done.

There isn’t much of a difference between “sticky content” and “infotainment” – both do the same job. Infotainment requires that you “start with the premise that nobody really cares about a product or service…and [if you] approach your marketing efforts as such, you will soon see that your main goal is pretty simple; to just get people to like you/your brand/your product/your service.” This is very literally true in the cases of social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter that allow your clients to tangibly express affection for your product by Liking or Following your brand.

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Jun 07 2011

Twitter is a Lousy Sales Tool

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Capture Commerce recently had the pleasure of speaking with Enzo Cesario, resident online brand expert and Chief Creative Officer at So Cal’s Brandsplat. Enzo had some interesting thoughts concerning brand marketing in the digital age, and he pulled no punches when addressing Twitter as a marketing component. As it turns out, Twitter is a lousy sales tool. Here are a few ways you can maximize your online branding strategy without Tweeting until your fingers fall off…

Remember that Twitter alone won’t sell: As Enzo puts it, “From snake oil salesmen of the wild west, and even as far back as the Senate of ancient Rome, people have always pitched their wares in a public space.” This means that Twitter is in no way a sensational information dispenser, just a new medium. It’s hard not to feel like you’re doing some good by constantly talking about your brand on Twitter, but remember that essentially yelling about your product won’t get it done. Enzo hates when clients ask him “how to get more followers on Twitter,” as getting followers is such a small part of a bigger issue. The real money comes in engaging customers, not just beating them over the head with the same message.

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Feb 16 2011

New Twitter App: Buffer – A smarter way to Tweet

Category: social mediaTom Shivers

Do you know the great feeling you get, when you cleaned up your office or desk? When everything is neat and tidy and everything you do now will come nice and easy? Then let me introduce you to a tool, which will give you a similar feeling, just when you are online.

By making use of Buffer for your twitter account, you will have tweets planned out for a consistent timeline on twitter. When you have all the buzz and notifications coming in, you can still be sure to always keep your followers posted with great updates.

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Dec 28 2010

Crowdsourcing + R&D = Winning Product

Category: social mediaTom Shivers

Last summer Papa John’s conducted Papa’s Specialty Pizza Challenge, a crowdsourcing campaign. Consumers were asked to create and submit recipes for interesting new pizzas.

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Dec 16 2010

Five Easy Ways to Get People Talking About Your Blog

Category: social mediaGuest Author

Having a blog is like having a song on the radio used to be. There are millions out there, so why would anyone listen to yours? The name of the game with blogs is standing out, so people will be talking about it and you will have a popular item on your hands. Contrary to popular opinion, it doesn’t take a major publicity stunt a la Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan for people to get talking about your blog. Here are 5 easy ways to do it.

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Sep 30 2010

Using Video to Increase Website Traffic

Category: social mediaGuest Author

by Mark Baartse

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Aug 17 2010

Social Media Huge Numbers Aren’t The Whole Story

Category: social mediaGuest Author

Why a large percentage of a small pie might be more valuable than a million “friends”

By Gail Z. Martin

It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers game on social media.  Lunch companions brag about how many thousands of friends or followers they’ve amassed. Pop over to a competitor’s page, and “friend envy” takes hold as you realize their list is bigger than yours.

Here’s a radical thought for you: Bigger isn’t automatically better, especially on social media.

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Jun 22 2010

Customers Help Your Marketing Go Viral

Category: social mediaGuest Author

As you seek to promote your business online, you are likely pretty focused on bringing in as many new site visitors and customers as possible. This is a noble goal, but don’t ignore the sometimes hidden land of plenty that your current and past customers represent in your online marketing efforts.

You are already familiar with the term “viral marketing” right? Well, the best way to get your business promoted virally is by tapping into your customers. These are people who have bought from you and who are fans of your business. They can, and will, help you grow your business.

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Nov 12 2009

Utilize Social Media for Link Building

Category: social mediaTom Shivers

If link-building is all about establishing credibility on the Web, and it has to be if you want favor from Google, think for a moment: if my business and website were top of mind and authoritative, where would I expect it to be listed or referenced on the Internet? Where are my competitors referenced?

The most powerful and credible links on the Internet are those that are placed by individuals who have influence over your online target audience. These influencers are often bloggers, editors, industry speakers and have numerous social media followers. Wouldn’t it be good to have an industry influencer who likes you and promotes your stuff by mentioning your business to his vast audience?

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Sep 17 2009

Using Twitter For Business and Link Building

Category: social mediaTom Shivers

Feast on some tools, apps and ideas to help you get in the Twitter game and build quality traffic and links to your site.

TweetBeep.com – Manage your online Twitter reputation. Alerts will be emailed to you whenever a Twitter user Tweets about your business, name, or domain. You select the alert criteria and what to watch for. This is great for a business that is concerned about branding, online identity and quickly responding to customers.

Twollo.com allows you to find and follow Twitterers with similar interests to you automatically. When you create an account there, you will see an empty box with “Twitterers talking about:” above it. I’m interested in Twitterers talking about Google, so I submit that interest and Twollo then finds people interested in Google and follows them for me through my Twitter account. Many of these people see we have similar interests and follow me as well.

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Aug 06 2009

What’s the future of marketing c.2009?

Category: social mediaTom Shivers

social leadership

Online marketing/advertising has been rushing toward audience engagement where relevant intent of that audience trumps massive traffic from a less defined audience. When relevant intent and motivation meets the clearly defined solution, something beautiful often happens… engagement.

This can happen within almost any online medium (social media sites, webisodes, banner ads, iPhone apps, email); it boils down to knowing the target audience and is supported by a well defined and interpreted (for each audience) unique value proposition.

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Sep 02 2008

Use Twitter for Brand Management and Market Research

Category: social mediaJon Davis

What if finding out what your customers are saying about your service or product was as easy as typing in your company name or product into a search bar?  Once searched, you met with real customers talking in real time about your company and products.  With Twitter this is possible.  Using the search tool for Twitter, you can search all the Tweets made by every user in the Twitter network in real time.  This can be a very powerful tool for your company to leverage in managing your brand online.  Imagine that your company rolls out a new product and you want to see how it is being received by the public.  Simply search Twitter for the name of the product and see if people are talking about it.  If people are talking on Twitter about it you will see in real time what they are saying.  If your customers are having any problems with the product you will know right away and can send them a message as to how best solve their problem.  You Continue reading “Use Twitter for Brand Management and Market Research”

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Aug 26 2008

Use Twitter for Customer Service

Category: general,social mediaJon Davis

In our first post about Twitter we looked at how Whole Foods is using Twitter to run promotions.  Now we will look at some companies that are using Twitter as another means of customer service.  The interesting part is people are finding that often Twitter is the best way to communicate with large companies whose customer service tends to lack at times.  Comcast for instance has found Twitter to be a great way to better address their customers concerns and issues.  The most famous situation involving customer service and Twitter involves Comcast and TechCrunch blogger Michael Arrington.  Frustrated that his service had been out for hours Arrington eventually lost his cool and began angrily Twittering his frustrations.  Within 20 minutes of his Twitter activity he was contacted by a Comcast executive and his problem was resolved.  It is true that Arrington is an influential person and this could have helped his cause but everyday Comcast is helping plenty of lesser known customers as well.  According to Comcast they receive millions of calls a day from customers looking for help.  Conversely, the Comcast team of around 10 that manages Twitter and other social networks helps just about 100 customers a day.  The Comcast representatives managing the Comcast Twitter account are consequently better able to address the problem as well as give a quick solution.

Many other large companies have also begun to use Twitter as a means of addressing customer service.  Southwest Air, Home Depot, and Dell are just a few.  Are your customers on Twitter?  If you operate on the West Coast the chances are yes.  If not, to find out simply use the Twitter search tool and type in your company’s name and products.  Maybe even some potential customers are out there.  Try searching for some of the services you provide.  If you find some people out in the Twitter universe talking about your company or services, join the conversation and just watch how much they appreciate the personal contact.

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Aug 19 2008

Use Twitter to Connect with Customers

Category: social mediaJon Davis

The “micro-blogging” service Twitter has been becoming more and more mainstream since the company’s inception in 2006.  Twitter users are now well into the millions and growth shows no sign of slowing down.  Twitter is still much more popular on the West Coast but users are spreading rapidly throughout the world.  Companies are finding many creative ways to use Twitter to benefit their business.  Twitter is proving to be a valuable medium for companies to run promotions, get product feedback, research competitors, manage their brand and even perform personal customer service.  In this three post series we will look a little deeper into how exactly your company can leverage Twitter.

Twitter Promotions
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Jun 04 2008

In-Demand Content and Top Search Engine Placement

Category: general,organic seo,social mediaTom Shivers

Part 1: User-Generated Content

The seminar was coming to a close and the speaker opened the mic to the crowd of about 200 for questions. The questions were excellent, forcing the presenter to clarify his point as it related to specific situations, and uncovering details that were touched on from a high level. No one left their seat as questions kept coming, and then the moderator abruptly ended one of the best Q&A sessions I’ve experienced.

That speaker has what most business websites lack: in-demand content.

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