Aug 18 2014

How To Build An Audience With YouTube

Category: social mediaTom Shivers

An interview with Tim Schmoyer of Video Creators

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Jun 24 2013

Is Author Rank Upon Us?

Category: social mediaTom Shivers

According to a poll I conducted, one of the top questionssocial-voting-influencer people have for Matt Cutts right now is this: “Is Google putting more trust in content based on Google Authorship?”

I submitted the question, along with others, to Matt for a video response at Google Moderator, but I doubt he will answer this one until a later time when Google sees success in Author Rank, or perhaps he won’t answer it at all for other reasons.

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Apr 16 2013

Practical Tips To Harness A Growing Facebook Page Following

Category: social mediaTom Shivers

An interview with Meghan Nichols of The Jolly Christmas Shop

facebook_letTell us a little about your target audience and why you use facebook to engage them.

Our target audience are women between the ages of 35-55 who love decorating for Christmas. We engage them by getting them excited about our products by showing pictures, playing contests, free item giveaways and even asking for feedback.

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Jan 08 2013

How To Tweet Like a Boss

Category: social mediaGuest Author

In a recent study of mainstream social media, Twitter had the fastest growth rate of any social networking site, placing ahead of 58 other popular sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. With everyone from Barack Obama to your creepy old neighbor having a Twitter account, the little blue bird has become a mainstay of everyday life.

However, as people tweet about the most mundane things like what they ate for breakfast, it’s getting harder and harder to be heard over the deafening din of useless information. Just how do you stay above the pack? How do you attract more followers, and more importantly, keep them? Continue reading “How To Tweet Like a Boss”

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Jul 16 2012

Why Your Boss Should Not Ban Facebook

Category: social mediaTom Shivers

Breaking Down Negative Perceptions of Social Media

Many people think that social media tools are a time drain, with resultant decrease in productivity. A recent study commissioned by Google and conducted by Milward Brown has found this way of thinking to be totally inaccurate. In fact, social media tools have increased the level of productivity substantially and those who make active use of social media in their jobs have not only found themselves to be more productive, but their bosses have noticed as well. Of professionals surveyed, 86% who actively used social media as part of their work strategy had recently been promoted.

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Jun 25 2012

StumbleUpon’s Steady Climb to Prominence

Category: social mediaGuest Author

Even though StumbleUpon has been around since 2001, it has only recently started to gain in mass popularity. And despite the fact that it lags behind social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter in membership, with Facebook clocking in at over 900-million users and Twitter topping 140 million, StumbleUpon’s relatively small 25-million users are currently contributing more than 50 percent of all referral traffic from the web’s leading social media sites (

What does this mean for your company’s marketing efforts? It means it’s time to stumble on StumbleUpon and stumble hard.

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Apr 16 2012

Google+ vs. Pinterest: Which One Is Worth Your Time?

Category: social mediaTom Shivers

The folks over at HubSpot have provided another dandy whitepaper on a topic near and dear to marketers involved in social media. I’m going to break down the high points for you in this post so you can get on with it… your social media marketing strategy.

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Feb 29 2012

Social Media Flowchart [Infographic]

Category: social mediaTom Shivers

It goes without saying that a viable social media strategy is a quintessential element of any marketing strategy these days. There is a reason major Fortune 500 companies are now placing their Twitter and Facebook pages at the end of their television and print advertisements as opposed to a link to a static webpage.

The ability to directly communicate with customers and clients, both prospective and current is a magnificent tool that has revolutionized relationships between businesses and individuals. So it makes sense for these massive firms to become more personal on the web, as people have been itching for these types of channels to communicate with companies.

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Feb 06 2012

Facebook Marketing Strategy: What Does It Really Look Like?

Category: social mediaTom Shivers

An interview with Sherry Hyle of Concept Hub

Every business wants to get involved in Facebook today, probably because it is the most popular social media site, but how are businesses missing the boat when it comes to integrating Facebook into their business? Continue reading “Facebook Marketing Strategy: What Does It Really Look Like?”

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Jan 23 2012

5 Steps to Creating a Social Media Campaign That Won’t Kill Your Budget

Category: social mediaTom Shivers

Here’s another one for your book of best social media campaigns. Ikea recently hosted an in-store sleepover in their Essex store for 100 lucky social media contest winners. (See video above.)

The campaign is clever and sure to earn the furniture company a collection of media mentions, but what’s especially compelling is the fact that Ikea didn’t need to hire a team of developers for some fancy Facebook app. This is a social media campaign executed through pure cleverness. Here’s how you can do the same for your company: Continue reading “5 Steps to Creating a Social Media Campaign That Won’t Kill Your Budget”

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Dec 21 2011

David Leonhardt’s Social Media Networking Secrets

Category: social mediaTom Shivers

An interview with David Leonhardt of The Happy Guy Marketing

Lots of bloggers and marketers have participated in social voting sites like Digg and then give up because they didn’t see many of their posts get to the front page. What is really possible if they participated in a more effective way with these sites?

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Dec 07 2011

How to Increase Social Sharing for SEO

Category: social mediaGuest Author

Social SEO is a hot topic right now. It refers to the social factors that can influence search engine results. If you are overly focused with your on-page efforts you may be missing this component. One solution is to put yourself in the position of your audience. In your experience what information has prompted you to comment or share with your network? It is likely including these factors in your writing will propel your content through the social pipes.

5 Factors that Influence Social Sharing

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Nov 28 2011

LinkedIn: The Business Intelligence Gathering Social Network

Category: social mediaTom Shivers

An interview with Sherry Hyle of Concept Hub

Considering all the social networks available today, LinkedIn isn’t usually at the top of the list. Should LinkedIn be at the top of the list for certain businesses and individuals?

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Oct 12 2011

Social Media Crunch Time

Category: social mediaGuest Author

Few organizations have the resources for a full-time dedicated employee to handle emerging trends like social media. For most, it falls into the purview of an already totally slammed communications department…or single communications person. Either way, it’s a social media time crunch.

Have no fear. Your organization, no matter how resource-strapped can engage in social media successfully. Here’s how.

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Sep 19 2011

Will Digg Ever be Shovel-ready?

Category: social mediaTom Shivers

An interview with Emory Rowland

Emory, it’s great to have another interview! The last one was on cost per action marketing and it was popular, but today you have something else on your mind, specifically digg. When did you get started with digg and what kind of success did you have with it?

I started using digg on 4/22/06 and had zero success. I loved the idea of reading news stories that had been voted into popularity rather than picked by editors. But, I admit in the forefront of my mind was the possibility of nudging some of my underappreciated content toward the top of the digg front page. So, like any noob would, I submitted my own posts to digg, sat back, and watched them fall flat, rarely if ever getting out of the single digit range.

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Sep 12 2011

The Growth of Social Media [infographic]

Category: social mediaTom Shivers

The infographic covers:

  • A users timeline
  • Social media visitor growth
  • facebook
  • twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Flickr
  • Wikipedia
  • Companies using social media
  • The World

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Jul 21 2011

Facebook Page: How to Acquire, Educate and Engage Fans

Category: social mediaGuest Author

So you finally decided to jump on the e-commerce bandwagon and get yourself a Facebook Fan Page. You’ve linked your store front, filled it full of merchandise and ways to make shopping and checkout easier. All that’s left to do is sit back and wait for the customers to find their way over. You’re full of high hopes, based on the old saying, “If you build it, they will come.” While that’s a nice thought, the reality is you’re going to have to bring those clients in yourself. Attracting fans and turning them into customers can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know how. Here are four steps to follow to achieve that goal:

*Acquire fans

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Jul 18 2011

How Social Media Impacts Search Rank

Category: organic seo,social mediaTom Shivers

An interview with Stacy Williams of Prominent Placement.

At a recent Atlanta SEMPO/AiMA event on social search, speakers from Google, Bing and Newell-Rubbermaid discussed their efforts in social media and incorporating social networks in with search.

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Jul 13 2011

How to Use BlogEngage – Social Networking for Bloggers

Category: social mediaTom Shivers

Interview with Brian Belfitt, founder of BlogEngage – a social voting, digg type site…

In the interview Brian reveals a few secrets of BlogEngage and some social voting tips:

  • The type of bloggers and people who participate most in this growing community
  • Topics that are covered most as well as niche topics
  • How a new member can get off to a good start and benefit from the community
  • How to get in with BlogEngage power users
  • How the RSS feed service works
  • How the blogger contest sponsorship works
  • And interesting stuff you probably didn’t know about BlogEngage

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Jun 20 2011

Can Digg Put the Pin Back in the Grenade?

Category: social mediaTom Shivers

An interview with David Leonhardt

So, how did Digg rise to wild popularity, fall to mediocrity and give birth to numerous social voting sites?

Digg really was “The Great White Hope”, so to speak, but they blew it with Version 4. They made a classic mistake that so many companies make. When they tried to reinvent themselves, they did not play to their strengths. Coca Cola made that same mistake with New Coke.

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