Mar 14 2016

Google Mobile SERPs Study: Big Opportunity For Paid Search

Category: mobile marketingTom Shivers

The folks over at Mediative have done another great study on Google SERPs, this time on mobile, where they laser focused on how mobile users interact with Google search results pages (SERPs) to spot real opportunities for SEO, PPC and branding. What they found is interesting to an online marketer like myself.

Here’s Mediative’s desktop heat maps study done in 2014 and still relevant today.

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Apr 09 2013

How To Determine ROI For Mobile Campaigns

Category: mobile marketingTom Shivers

An interview with Blair Symes of ifbyphoneipad-iphone

Putting mobile aside for a second and speaking of marketing campaigns in general, marketers determine any campaign’s ROI in different ways depending on the goals of the campaign. Some marketers will compare the monetary cost of a program to the raw number of leads it generated, then determine ROI based on their cost per lead (CPL). More sophisticated marketers will measure a campaign’s cost per sales opportunity instead of CPL. And the most successful marketers are the ones that are able to measure ROI by determining how much revenue a program helped generate. 

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Apr 02 2013

8 Ways To Mobile Click-to-Call Leads

Category: mobile marketingTom Shivers

The folks over at ifbyphone provided a great whitepaper on mobile marketing strategies and lead tracking. I’m going to break down the high points for you in this post from just one section of the whitepaper so you can get right to the good stuff.

Here’s what’s driving leads from smartphone users today…

Mobile PPC ads with mobile click-to-call

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Dec 04 2012

Video and Responsive Web Design Tips

Category: mobile marketingGuest Author

Responsive web design is about creating web content that changes to suit the device on which it is being viewed. Instead of having to create multiple websites that are tailored to different devices such as tablets, smartphones and desktop PCs, responsive websites will adapt to the size constraints of the device automatically.

This is a great way to optimise the viewing experiences of visitors using many different devices to surf the web. Because of the increasing popularity of hand-held and mobile devices in recent years, responsive web design is becoming more and more prominent. Being able to create websites that will look great on desktop and mobile devices alike is an excellent way to give users a great online experience. Here is a guide to responsive websites, and how to incorporate video content within them.

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Jul 23 2012

The Rise of Tablets and Their Impact on eCommerce [Infographic]

Category: mobile marketingGuest Author

It’s common knowledge that the amount of mobile devices being used to connect to the internet has been increasing in recent years with the advent of smart phones, but what about other mobile devices? One device in particular, the mobile tablet, has become popular with U.S. consumers as not only a means to surf the web, but a way to purchase products.

The truth of the matter is that a number of businesses already know that tablet-using consumers are just the right demographic to profit from. This is evident by the numerous Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Google and Amazon that have already put marketing strategies in place for the next five years which specifically target tablet users.

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Jul 09 2012

Mobile Sites Will Be Replaced By Responsive Web Design

Category: mobile marketingTom Shivers

In this post I intend to overwhelm you with the fact that responsive design will make mobile sites obsolete in the near future.

The biggest challenge for businesses targeting the mobile Internet has been setting up user friendly sites that target smart phones and tablets, somehow this often gets interpreted as separate URLs for mobile browsers. But, responsive web design is the remedy for the mobile Internet, there’s really no need for a business site to have separate URLs for mobile browsers. Continue reading “Mobile Sites Will Be Replaced By Responsive Web Design”

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Jul 02 2012

Responsive Web Design: A Fundamental Shift In Design

Category: mobile marketingTom Shivers

An interview with Matt Haff of

What is responsive web design?

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Jan 17 2012

Time to Go Mobile

Category: mobile marketingTom Shivers

As an advertiser, you need to get to your customers, wherever they are. Now, more than ever, your customers are on their mobile phones doing everything. Paying bills, checking scores, and most importantly, doing research on what they’re next purchase is going to be. According to Google, 65% of mobile users do research on products, restaurants or services on their cell phones before buying and that 50% of all mobile searches result in purchase. And when it’s estimated that there are between 6-8 billion Google searches made on mobile phones a month, you’d be crazy to not start a mobile-targeted PPC campaign!

Before you can just set up a mobile campaign, there are a few things you’ll need to iron out to make sure your website is mobile friendly, so let’s you prepared for mobile AdWords management.

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Dec 14 2011

Does Mobile Advertising Live Up to the Hype?

Category: mobile marketingTina Riemer

If you’re in a developed country and have at least a tenuous grasp on current computing trends, you know that mobile advertising is hot, and getting hotter by the minute.

A whitepaper from Yahoo, “Mobile Internet – Delivering on the Promise of Mobile Advertising,” addresses some great questions about this up-and-coming medium:

  • Will brands realize the full potential of mobile in 2012?
  • What are current mobile user preferences and patterns?
  • Is mobile advertising effective?
  • How are people using tablet PCs?
  • What are some opportunities and best practices for mobile advertisers?

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Nov 08 2011

Text Message Marketing Tips

Category: mobile marketingTom Shivers

An interview with Larry Block of

Larry shared some interesting statistics on text message marketing: according to Nelson Ratings the average text message gets a response within 2 hours.

He also shared that any B2C business who offers any kind of coupon can benefit from text message marketing and they are always finding new and creative ways to use this technology to do marketing.

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Sep 07 2011

How QR Codes Impact Business Today

Category: mobile marketingTom Shivers

An interview with Tom Murphy of Murphy Consulting

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Apr 05 2011

Mobile Marketing: What Small Businesses Need To Know

Category: mobile marketingTom Shivers

If you are an early adopter of technology, you already know that mobile marketing is big and it’s just begun. To get up to speed on what’s happening in this space, I had the privilege of interviewing Christina Clark, co-founder of GMBH News Mobile.

What is the biggest challenge today for businesses who want to engage prospects via the mobile internet?

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Sep 16 2010

Transitioning Your Business to the Mobile Marketing Environment

Category: mobile marketingTom Shivers

John Packes and John Lim InterviewMobile Card Cast is your full-service Mobile solution provider

It has been said that 2010 is the year for mobile. Do you have any stats to back that claim up?
John Lim: I think 2010 was the year for mobile awareness. Companies are starting to see trends and realize the power that mobile can bring to their brand and objectives. Dollars are rarely allocated on a whim; budgets have to be justified against ROI. With more favorable statistics pointing toward mobile becoming a very viable and profitable medium, I feel that companies are allocating budgets in 2010 for 2011, but we’ll start to see serious growth of mobile presence in the marketplace in 2011. I will say this, 2010 was the year that many companies did Mobile incorrectly.

What are the main differences between mobile users and laptop/desktop users when browsing the Web?
John Packes: The whole experience is different and in general the motives are different – hence the design and presentation have to be different. For web users you typically want an immersive and information rich experience for the end user – you generally don’t really know exactly what they’re there for, but you do have a lot of creative ability within the information and interface design. You want to provide a wow factor and all relevant content within a few clicks, and the large screen allows for that. You have drop down menus with sometimes two to three levels of navigation, all within a single click of your home page. As long as your website content is organized, then your users should be able to find what they’re looking for.

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