Apr 14 2014

5 Thank You Page Tactics That Get Results

Category: internet marketingTom Shivers

Are you leaving money on the table with your current thank you page? By the end of this post, you should have at least one way to immediately improve your thank you page.

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Sep 09 2013

Four Life Hacks And Work Flow Tips For Webmasters And Web Designers

Category: internet marketingGuest Author

If you’re a webmaster, blogger or SEO, then you are probably at least somewhat adept at multitasking. No doubt you are used to having multiple windows open at once and rapidly flicking between the work you’re doing. Probably your computer is constantly pushed to its limits, but the real question is whether your brain can cope with all that information at once and whether you can keep it up without seeing a drop in performance.

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Feb 12 2013

5 Ways To Get The Right People Talking About Your Website

Category: internet marketingGuest Author

So, you’re a small business owner and you want to OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAmaximize on every avenue possible to get people noticing your website and bring more business your way. You know the different social networking sites, and even have profiles on a few of them. You post from time to time, but it doesn’t seem to be generating a ton of traffic. What are you missing?

You’re probably missing a key aspect that most people don’t think about. With all of the expansions made in marketing, including social networking, SEO, YouTube and more, people are forgetting that the main and most noteworthy form of marketing is word of mouth. This is no different when you’re conducting web-based marketing for your web-based business. Your main focus should be to get your website to a buzz worthy status, and there are some strategies that should help you get all of the right people talking about your business and your website. The quicker you begin to think in these terms, the quicker you’ll head your business into a buzz-worthy internet status, providing you more traffic, more leads, and more sales. Continue reading “5 Ways To Get The Right People Talking About Your Website”

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Mar 12 2012

Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing: 3 Findings From HubSpot’s Survey

Category: internet marketingTom Shivers

The folks over at HubSpot surveyed nearly 1000 marketing professionals in January 2012 and found some interesting things about inbound and outbound marketing.

Just so you know outbound marketing refers to marketing designed to interrupt and push prospects so you can sell them: trade shows, direct mail, telemarketing, etc.

Inbound marketing refers to marketing designed to interest prospects who are more qualified, pull them toward a business and allow them to make contact when they are ready: social media, SEO, blogging, content marketing, etc.

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Nov 16 2011

Why That Great Post Didn’t Go Viral

Category: internet marketingTom Shivers

I believe many bloggers want to take every post they make viral. Is this a realistic goal to achieve? It probably isn’t, but you shouldn’t aim to take every one of your posts viral in the first place either.

The number of posts that actually go viral is pretty low. However, if you know how viral marketing works, you may be able to take a couple of your posts viral. Here are some reasons why your viral marketing campaign may not be working and what you need to do differently.

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Sep 28 2011

Flash vs HTML5: The Race Is On

Category: internet marketingGuest Author

Website design is becoming more and more important in the internet boom which has become a money making phenomenon. A well developed website that encourages user activity to promote products or services is what people are looking for, and what they need in order to make an informed decision. When you are designing a website for your business you have two routes. Use template theme designs like WordPress, or have a custom built website. WordPress is a great way to conjure up a website quick, and start competing in your niche as soon as possible. However, a custom website that requires amazing interactions and specific preferences is going to require a little more. Maybe you have a website design in mind and just need to outsource the coding. If this is the case, you more than likely have been hearing a lot about HTML 5 and Flash going head to head.
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Aug 03 2011

Foreign Website Owners Face Extradition to U.S. on Piracy Charges

Category: internet marketingGuest Author

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) is at the fore in combating intellectual property (IP) theft. However, government officials are now seeking the extradition of those owners of overseas websites it believes are breaking the U.S. copyright laws — even if they aren’t violating their own nation’s copyright laws.

The agency’s assistant deputy director, Erik Barnett, has stated that neither location nor a direct contact in the U.S. is needed. If the offending website’s address ends in .com or .net — domain names that are routed through a Virginia-based company — then those sites determined to be pirating U.S. media can be prosecuted for copyright violation in the U.S. (again, even if the site is not breaking laws in the nation where it is based).

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Jun 27 2011

5 Advantages of Content Management Web Design

Category: internet marketingGuest Author

If you run any sort of business whatsoever, whether you’re a work at home parent or a multi-million dollar company, you need a great website. Some still think that fully interactive, frequently updated websites are expensive, time consuming and difficult to maintain. Content Management Systems (CMS) offer a simple way to publish content on the web in an attractive, cutting-edge format.

CMS websites give you the control.
As a website owner, a CMS website gives you control over the content. No more waiting for your web designer to fit updates into their schedule. No more paying for every little change. You can update your website any time you like with very little training.

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Apr 27 2011

8 Successful Email Marketing Tips

Category: internet marketingGuest Author

Email marketing is fraught with difficulties as senders too often fail to adhere to the basic guidelines of email marketing with focus on the recipient. The following is a list of tips that should help you first reach the consumer and then build a relationship with them.

  • First of all, you need to ensure that you comply with association guidelines as well as simply keeping your recipients happy. The Direct Marketing Association’s Commitment To Consumer Choice Mission Statement requires you to notify consumers of the opportunity to modify or eliminate future mail solicitations. The CCC program is Continue reading “8 Successful Email Marketing Tips”


Apr 20 2011

How Expert Entrepreneurs Think

Category: internet marketingTom Shivers

Saras Sarasvathy, a professor at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, asked the question “What is learnable and teachable about entrepreneurship?”

She identified 245 US entrepreneurs who met specific criteria and interviewed 27 of them to learn the answers to her question in order to teach aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Mar 09 2011

Building an Email List for Your Business or Industry

Category: internet marketingGuest Author

The internet has opened up new opportunities for business and building an email list can be one of the ways that it can be utilized. Growing the email list can help a business expand its connections and continue to move down the path of success.

Simple Tips for Growing an Email List
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Sep 02 2010

Cost Per Action Marketing: Emory Rowland Interview

Category: internet marketingTom Shivers

Emory Rowland has helped optimize cost per action (CPA) campaigns for national brands like Terminix, Liberty Medical and TruGreen, earning a flat rate to generate qualified leads that turn into new customers.

Are there some great opportunities using the CPA model? And if so, how do you qualify them?
Yes, and you can create opportunities with your existing clients if the potential for mutual profitability is there. Here are some questions that come to mind when I see a potential CPA opportunity with a client:

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Aug 19 2010

How To Accelerate Your Marketing During the Busy Season

Category: internet marketingTom Shivers

When the busy season hits, it means it’s time to gear up, hire more people and often, completelybusy season ignore the marketing efforts. I’ve seen this occur more than I’d like. Sure, things got crazy, but now is when you show off your keen management skills by recognizing opportunity marketing. Because if the “I’m too busy” mentality continues, the busy season will be over sooner rather than later – perhaps because your search rankings drop due to neglect.

The “busy season” actually offers rare opportunities to take your marketing to a “whole ‘nother level!” There’s no question that your top priority during the busy season is selling and servicing your customers, but here are practical ways to harness the flood of traffic and prospects…

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Dec 30 2009

Internet Marketing Ideas For 2010

Category: internet marketingTom Shivers

Here are some of the best ideas from ’09 that will continue to make a difference in the new year. Prioritize them and plan your attack; enjoy!

Audience Engagement & Conversion
Understanding Human Behavior to Drive Marketing Decisions

9 Ways People Respond to Your Content Online

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Nov 19 2009

Dec. 1, 2009: Are you ready for the FTC’s new blog regulations?

Category: internet marketingTom Shivers

3 Critical Things Blog Site Webmasters Need To Know About The FTC’s New Blog Regs
In recognition of the increasing influence of social media online, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on October 5, 2009, for the first time since 1980, issued new regulations governing online testimonials and endorsements by bloggers. If you operate a blog site, your exposure to legal liability may have increased exponentially.

CliffsNotes For Bloggers To Avoid The FTC’s $11,000 Fine For Endorsements
If you’ve already read – and clearly understand – the 81-page FTC Guides for the use of Endorsements then read no further. However, if you’re a blogger, and you’re not quite sure about how to decipher the legaleze or how to comply with the Guides, then this article may be for you… particularly if you’re more than a little concerned about avoiding the $11,000 fine for non-compliance.

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Oct 21 2009

3 Ways to Optimize the Online Marketing Feedback Loop

Category: internet marketingTom Shivers

While I was working toward my electrical engineering degree, I studied control theory. Control theory deals with influencing the behavior of dynamic systems.

The desired output of a system is called the reference. When one or more output variables of a system need to follow a certain reference over time, a controller manipulates the inputs to a system to obtain the desired effect on the output of the system. The figure below illustrates the basic components of a control system (definition from Wikipedia).

feedback loop

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Aug 20 2009

Winner vs. Loser Internet Marketing

Category: internet marketingTom Shivers

Is your business Change Oriented?
Early adopters of new products and services usually determine the future. If early adopters love it, so will the mainstream; if early adopters don’t love it, no one else will hear about it. Early adopters can also influence the business regarding the product/service in terms of features, fixing problems, pricing and marketing it. What does this have to do with Internet marketing?

Change oriented companies are fast and efficient. Within a day of the decision, fast companies begin implementation of new Internet marketing plans based on current data.

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Apr 09 2009

“Interest-Based Advertising” – Google’s new Ad Preferences Feature

Category: internet marketingJon Davis

A hot topic in online marketing today is behavioral targeting of online consumers.  The purpose being to build a profile of what individuals are interested in based on the websites they visit and guess which types of ads would be the most relevant to them.  While this method does provide a much more educated guess at which ads should be served and drive up CPM rates for publishers it is still at the core just a guess.

Google has found a way to take the guess work out with what is a glaringly obvious solution:  Just have their users tell them directly the types of ads they want to see.  On March 11th Google introduced a new feature called Google Ad Preferences.  If you use the feature it will change the types of ads you see while surfing the internet.

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Dec 30 2008

Recommended Internet Marketing Ideas For 2009

Category: internet marketingTom Shivers

Here are some of the best ideas from ’08 that will continue to make a difference in the new year (not just my ideas, mind you). Prioritize them and plan your attack; enjoy!

The Value of a Unique Value Proposition
Creating a unique value or campaign proposition isn’t for chumps or posers. Your value proposition must be clear, relevant, and easy to understand.

8 Ways to Buy Links Without “Buying Links”
Examples of some of the more valuable and directly applicable methods to leverage finances for link growth while dodging Google’s webspam edicts.

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Jul 10 2008

13 Foolish Assumptions About Internet Marketing

Category: general,internet marketingTom Shivers

Interesting, quirky, who told you that and sometimes funny comments we’ve heard…

“All I need is more clicks to get more biz”

“We expect SEO to get us top rankings for our full range of over 200 products”

“Our CEO (or HiPPO, highest paid person’s opinion) makes the final decision about which design is best for our online audience”

“My web designer can handle SEO”

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