Mar 26 2012

The New Breed of Entrepreneur

Category: businessTom Shivers

An interview with Clay Collins of the Marketing Show

I read Inc magazine and I’m always interested in Norm Brodsky’s column. In the 2012 March issue, he brings up something interesting…

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Mar 05 2012

4 Steps to Walk Prospects Through Their Buying Process

Category: businessTom Shivers

An interview with Kenneth Darryl Brown of eWeb2Sales

We think about our selling process rather than the prospect’s buying process.

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Feb 27 2012

How Businesses Prepare Now for the Coming Economic Spring

Category: businessTom Shivers

An interview with Lee Huffman, CEO of Professional Development USA and The Business Catalyst

Lee has launched over a dozen successful businesses ranging from low tech to high tech. He has executive experience at the Fortune 100 company, Hewlett-Packard Company and lead several teams who launched businesses while at HP including the Electronic Commerce Operation. Lee sat on the Internet’s W3C committee. He has been a business coach and executive coach since 2003. He is a founding partner in the John Mawell Team of Leadership Coaches. He mentions these accomplishments not to “impress” but to “impress upon” that we can all architect the life.

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Dec 28 2011

An Ecommerce Shopping Cart Focused On SEO

Category: businessTom Shivers

An interview with Lee Roberts of AscenderCart

Have you ever wondered to what degree SEO can be automated within an ecommerce site? That is the mission and lifeblood of AscenderCart. Listen as I ask some tough questions and Lee explains some of the features of their software: Continue reading “An Ecommerce Shopping Cart Focused On SEO”

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Dec 05 2011

Business Development: Using Technology to Build Relationships

Category: businessTom Shivers

An interview with Will Hinton, serial entrepreneur and networker.

Will was a member of the startup team for nationally-distributed magazine, Paste Magazine; he is owner of SiteBrew, a web development company, and the webmaster at Manhattan Associates.

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Nov 14 2011

Appealing to Consumers on Black Friday

Category: businessTom Shivers

A jaw-dropping 212 million shoppers showed up to take advantage of Black Friday sales in 2010, with an even more astounding $39 billion being spent on merchandise. What this means for your business, of course, is a healthy competition to draw in as many of those 212 million shoppers and as much of an “in the black” profit as your organization can manage going into the first day of the 2011 holiday season.

With tech trends evolving from year to year, advertising has done so as well. Attracting your customers is, to the dismay of shop owners everywhere, going to require more than a simple flier or word-of-mouth campaign. Luring in customers means intelligently implementing a social networking strategy into your business’ marketing plan, which may include ubiquitous sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and various other sites with mass followings scouring the Internet in search of which retailers have the greatest deals, and what exclusive offerings businesses like yours have made available online.

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Oct 31 2011

Ecommerce Tips for Black Friday 2011

Category: businessTom Shivers

The Experian Hitwise Black Friday 2011 Webinar provided marketers with plenty of useful data and implications for the fast approaching Black Friday 2011: November 25.

Visits to the top 500 retailer sites during Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday increased from 2009 to 2010. Additionally, the graph below shows that visits to the top 500 retailer sites is higher and picking up through mid October 2011 as compared to the same period in 2010.

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Oct 24 2011

Generate Business Leads By Producing Useful Content

Category: businessTom Shivers

Many businesses have a blog but don’t use it because its time consuming to write a good article that they would want to publish. I’ve heard lots of different excuses about not producing good content for the company blog.

But, here’s the fact: a blog that publishes useful content regularly draws more and more attention even to the point that it generates business development leads, including b2b lead generation.

Last year HubSpot published “101 Marketing Charts and Graphs” from a survey of numerous businesses and in it was a chart entitled “Leads by Indexed Web Pages” which clearly demonstrated the ratio of search engine indexed web pages to leads generated. It climbed from 60 pages indexed to 120 pages to 200 and so on. The most dramatic increase in lead generation came when a site moved from 200 or so pages indexed to over 311 pages indexed. The number of leads jumped by well over 200%! So adding quality content to your site or blog can produce real business development leads if your target audience uses the Internet to find solutions to problems related to your business.

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Sep 21 2011

Best Money-making and Cost-saving Tips for Online Retail from Last Year

Category: businessTom Shivers

The 21 of the 50 best tips for ecommerce; have you implemented these yet?

1. Using any home digital video camera, you can shoot and now edit an effective video to complement your website’s product presentations. If your lighting is even and audio clear, you can create an effective online video. As a rule of thumb, keep videos short. For beginners, less than a minute is best. If you’re going over two minutes, your name better be Francis Ford Coppola. Don’t let an individual scene run longer than 
10 seconds.
George Hague, HAGUEdirect
“5 Free, Fantastic Web Marketing Tools,” May, Retail Online Integration

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Sep 14 2011

6 Essentials for Web Designers

Category: businessTom Shivers

If you’re looking to break into the field of web design, there are a few essentials that will vastly increase your productivity and earning potential.


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Sep 06 2011

Are You Ready for Holiday 2012?

Category: businessTom Shivers

I know Holiday 2011 isn’t even here yet, but if you are a retailer and/or e-commerce store owner it’s not enough to get ready for Holiday 2011, but also for next year’s season – especially if this is your first year in business. Here’s how…

Start a journal to log your observations about what went right and what can be improved upon in your planning, forecasting and inventory performance. Then start the new year with a post-mortem of your results and develop a strategy for improvement. Here are some potential topics to consider: Continue reading “Are You Ready for Holiday 2012?”

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Aug 24 2011

Essential Elements to Launching a Successful Startup Company

Category: businessGuest Author

During the dot-com era we saw startup companies emerge, expand rapidly, and deflate just as quickly. While startup companies continue to be major players in our economy, we have hopefully learned some important lessons from the mistakes of the past. Startup companies are still thought to be primarily rapid growth, technology focused enterprises that fill some sort of unique niche in the marketplace. These ventures are attractive to both investors and potential founders because one can establish and grow their business with limited amounts of capital, labor, and tangible assets. Reach too far, too quickly or neglect important business practices, however, and a startup can revert from a success to a failure practically overnight. It is through a marriage of innovative thinking, smart business sense, and an understanding of startup company law one can launch, nurture, and protect their entrepreneurial efforts.

We can all agree that every successful startup must begin with innovative thinking, but founders do not necessarily need to reinvent the wheel, either. Some of the most profitable startups are refinements and expansions of already existing goods or services. Facebook is a perfect example. It is built upon the very simple and traditional concept of a campus facebook or lookbook and has online predecessors such as Classmates, Friendster, and MySpace. Facebook is neither a carbon copy of these ideas nor completely independent of them, yet it is also its own distinct entity which has revolutionized the way we communicate with each other, do business, and learn about the world. The foundation of most successful startups is an original concept that drew inspiration from existing ideas and transformed them into something unique that people will respond to enthusiastically.

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