Mar 26 2013

How To Become A Good Writer In Your Business Niche

Category: bloggingGuest Author

While creating a blog is a great way to gain exposurebusiness-writers for your business, it can be a daunting task, especially if you do not view yourself as a strong writer. Even if you do not think you have what it takes to successfully write about topics related to your business niche, this should not deter you from starting your own blog. The benefits associated with creating your own business blog are too great for you to pass up simply because you do not think you are a good writer. Using the tips contained in this article will help get you started on the right path to becoming a successful writer in your business niche.

Write About What You Know

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Jan 02 2013

Guest Blogging: How To Evaluate Guest Post Blogs and Bloggers

Category: bloggingTom Shivers

An interview with Cathy Stucker

As an editor/manager of numerous blogs,guest-post I’m always looking for great guest bloggers who will contribute great content. What are some keys or indicators that I’ve found a great guest blogger or contributor?

Great guest bloggers are not only able to write (that is a bare-minimum requirement), they take the time to look at what you have published in the past in order to suggest a topic that fits your blog. They ask about your requirements and they are upfront about what they require, such as how many links they expect and to what site(s). They ask how to submit the post: Should it be in the body of an email? Text? HTML? A Word doc? How should links be formatted?

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Apr 02 2012

Building Blogger Relationships for Effective Marketing

Category: bloggingGuest Author

When promoting a product, you use all the usual mediums – Facebook, TV, magazine ads, Twitter – but have you used a blog? I don’t mean a business blog that you personally maintain, but someone else’s blog? If not, it’s a marketing path that is worth considering.

“We see blogger outreach as the opportunity to leverage influencers and connect with a new audience. We recognize that there are conversations happening in the blogosphere that are applicable to the brands we represent and we believe it’s valuable for our brands to join the discussion.” –

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Feb 01 2012

Blog Editor Tips From The Editor of Search Engine People

Category: bloggingTom Shivers

An interview with Ruud Hein, editor of Search Engine People Blog

As an editor of a well known blog in the search marketing and SEO space, what are some of your challenges?

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Jan 09 2012

How To Pitch Article Ideas to Bloggers

Category: bloggingGuest Author

Pitching article ideas to bloggers is the same as pitching to magazine editors. You have to be professional and engaging. If you fail to accomplish these two things in your pitch, it will be deleted without being read.

There are six ways you can write a stellar pitch, one that will compel any blog owner to request your work.

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Nov 30 2011

Top 5 Creative Websites to Use for Inspiration in Guest Posts

Category: bloggingGuest Author

I’ve always been one of those people who spends way too much time online finding content around the web. Recently, I started a new job as an SEO and this skill has become incredibly handy while writing guest posts for link building. Because of Google’s Panda algorithm, it is becoming more and more important to have quality guest posts on respected sites—you do not want your backlink profile to stem from non-relevant PR link farms.

While I am admittedly too good at finding things on the web, there are times where I am still stumped for guest post ideas. I write for a website called so I do a lot of blog prospecting and inspiration searching in hard-to-find corners of the web. For this type of research, many times the best ideas that I need are not the first hit in Google. When I am searching for great tips on how to wear scarves, how to store your scarves, and crafty projects for scarves that make great guest posts, I always turn to these five websites. Whether you are searching for info on scarves, marketing, or SEO, it does not matter. These sites can always help to get those creative juices flowing again.

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Nov 02 2011

How to Blog Successfully – Tips From Ileane Smith

Category: bloggingTom Shivers

An interview with Ileane Smith of Basic Blog Tips.

Many people get started blogging with lots of enthusiasm only to give it up a few months later because no one seems to know about it or show any interest in the discussion.

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Oct 19 2011

Adding Audio in WordPress

Category: bloggingTom Shivers

Although a completely underused tool, audio blogaudio streaming can actually improve the communication that you currently have with your customers. If you also happen to use WordPress at the moment, then you are definitely in luck. WordPress happens to have several plug-ins that can help you add audio onto your website with ease.

Now, a lot of people seem to face audio problems because they have no idea how to make the audio to begin with. Some people are scared of using microphones, for example, while others have simply never talked at a computer before and just aren’t fond of the concept. So, although it is great news that recording messages nowadays is very affordable and easy to do, the actual recording of the messages might require some practice before you can succeed. Think about it, though: what new things out there don’t require practice?

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Oct 05 2011

6 Blogging Steps to Success

Category: bloggingGuest Author

photo credit: Bev Lloyd-Roberts

Do you want your blog to succeed? Well, you can’t just expect it to do so without putting in any hard work or effort, can you? So, here are the 6 steps of blogging that you need to follow in order for your blog to succeed. Continue reading “6 Blogging Steps to Success”

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Jul 07 2011

Five Creative Ways to Add Content to Your Blog

Category: bloggingGuest Author

Blogging is a fantastic way to grow your reputation as an individual or a business owner. Blogs have become many people’s preferred information and entertainment source and having a blogging presence is a wonderful way to disseminate information, increase traffic to your website and gain credibility both as a writer and as an expert in your field. If your blog lacks engaging content, however, readers will not be impressed and blogging will do little for you or your business. These five alternative ways to add interesting content to your site will help you ensure that your blog will constantly pique your readers’ interest and keep your readers coming back to your site.
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May 17 2011

Guest Blogging: Tips for Growing Your Presence Online

Category: bloggingGuest Author

Being an entrepreneur or business owner in this day and age requires a robust online presence in order to achieve maximal success. More and more people are doing their shopping based on who and what they see on the Internet. This provides both benefits and challenges in your attempts to reach customers. Ensuring an online presence costs significantly less than radio or television advertising, yet you are able to reach a similar audience. However, you need to be aware of how to grow your presence online, as doing it the wrong way will reach virtually no one. It requires a smarter approach.

One of the most successful ways to grow your presence online is known as guest blogging. This consists of situating yourself as an expert in your field, contacting owners of current blogs with a wide readership in your field, and asking if you can write a blog entry for them. You may arrange for them to pay you if you are well-known enough and if your name would significantly add to their readership, but in general if you’re trying to grow your online presence, you will be working for free.

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Apr 12 2011

Three Must-Have WordPress Security Plugins

Category: bloggingGuest Author

WordPress is widely recognized as the most powerful and most popular blogging platform available, and today there are millions of WordPress blogs inhabiting the massive Internet community. Unfortunately, WordPress’ ubiquity makes it a prime target for hackers. If you maintain a WordPress blog, here are three must-have security plugins that can help keep your blog safe, secure and online:

1 – Login Lockdown

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Feb 02 2011

Blogging Plans Can Be Fun!

Category: bloggingSophia Bates

I am sure I am not the only regular blog writer that has ever stared at their computer forlornly, wondering where they are going to pull the next blog from. Or that has ended up writing, deleting, writing, deleting, writing deleting (yes, this process can go on for days!). So how can you get past this annoying side affect of regular blog writing… by writing a blog plan of course!

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Jan 26 2011

5 Tips For Blog Post Inspiration

Category: bloggingSophia Bates

Whether you write your blog for pleasure or profit a hurdle we all have to jump over is the generation of stories. The more often you publish, the more you have to stretch yourself to come up with new content.

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