Oct 31 2011

Ecommerce Tips for Black Friday 2011

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The Experian Hitwise Black Friday 2011 Webinar provided marketers with plenty of useful data and implications for the fast approaching Black Friday 2011: November 25.

Visits to the top 500 retailer sites during Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday increased from 2009 to 2010. Additionally, the graph below shows that visits to the top 500 retailer sites is higher and picking up through mid October 2011 as compared to the same period in 2010.

The online retail audience on the top 500 retailer sites has been mostly female, over 25 years of age with annual income under $100K.

Consumer groups to target include baby boomer couples who are in their peak earning years as well as ethnically mixed suburban families earning upscale incomes.

You can see more of the affluent shopper groups outlined by Experian Hitwise.

Search and social media are key drivers of traffic on Black Friday

Tweets from @Hitwise_US:

  • Top 500 retail sites upstream sources of traffic are dominated by search & cross-shopping referrals, 51% total in 2010. #HWBLACKFRIDAY
  • The majority of Black Friday searches include the name of retailer – 47% in 2010. #HWBLACKFRIDAY
  • “In stock” and “Where to Buy” are keywords of the consumer to identify demand #HWBLACKFRIDAY

The key drivers of traffic on Black Friday have been from search and social media. Take advantage of this by setting up landing pages specifically for black friday + brand name and/or “in stock” and/or “where to buy.”

This means get those landing pages and SEO up TODAY!

Here’s a couple title tag templates that might be useful for your new landing pages:

  • Title template 1: Black Friday – [Brand Name] (adjectives) In Stock
  • Title template 2: Black Friday – Where to Buy [Brand Name] (adjectives)

Of course you can substitute your main keyword for Brand Name and long tail keywords for adjectives in the templates above.

You’ll also want to build a few links to your new landing pages and the easiest way to do this is by utilizing your site’s navigation. Another way is to blog about the deals on your own blog and/or do a few guest posts on other relevant blogs (don’t forget to add a link to your black friday landing page). Here’s a raising kids blog that accepts guest posts.

Experian Hitwise is the leading online competitive intelligence service. Experian Hitwise gives marketers a competitive advantage by providing daily insights on how 25 million Internet users around the world interact with more than 1 million websites. This external view helps companies grow and protect their businesses by identifying threats and opportunities as they develop. Experian Hitwise has more than 1,500 clients across numerous sectors, including financial services, media, travel and retail.

For up-to-date analysis of online trends, please visit the Hitwise research blog and the Hitwise Data Center.

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