Dec 05 2011

Business Development: Using Technology to Build Relationships

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An interview with Will Hinton, serial entrepreneur and networker.

Will was a member of the startup team for nationally-distributed magazine, Paste Magazine; he is owner of SiteBrew, a web development company, and the webmaster at Manhattan Associates.

Will is totally into technology, but he’s also into business development, consultative sales and how the two work together. Listen to the podcast as he hits on some interesting points:

  • You’re not going to flip a switch or buy some software to bring in business
  • The biggest value of technology and online marketing is turning a cold call into a warm call, filtering through prospects, making it easier for people to find you and for you to find them
  • The value of dynamic content for your site
  • Build links by building real relationships
  • Create a dialogue by blogging… plus a little more
  • Want the attention of someone famous? Will has done it several times through his blog
  • More and more executives and leaders of today, do not want to be viewed as unapproachable
  • Use twitter to get customer service problems resolved
  • Tips to be effective at business development and customer service
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