Jul 21 2014

Big Data & Small Business Marketing

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An interview with Phil, CTO and Founder of DataShaka

Building on his studies in artificial intelligence, Phil is founder and CTO of London based data startup DataShaka. With the mission of joining the world’s data, he heads a team of talented developers. Phil is a renowned international thinker on data and has previously spoken at various events including Strata London 2013 after DataShaka won “Best Startup 2013”.

What is big data?

Any data that is bigger than you can handle right now.

How can small and medium size businesses benefit from big data right now?

First, it’s about your ability to respond in a timely fashion. If so, you can do things, but the question is how do you respond and the more data you have the more options you have for response. And the more options you have for discovery at pace.

So look at your data right now to identify new ways to respond.

Weather statistics, for example, at the right speed for you to adjust your activity. So, you may find that in this region people stop consuming our product in a particular way when the weather improves. You can respond to that but you have to know what the weather is and done research to identify what behaviors people have.

How does big data help you know your ideal prospect better so you can respond appropriately?

Big data gives you more options for discovering that audience or that customer. So in a particular purchase funnel, if you look just through the small data that you know about you’re going to be limited in what you see. Big data gives you new avenues to explore.

Twitter, for example, people can reach out to others this way. You can look for people complaining about your competitors and you can find people further down the funnel than you expected and reach out to them directly with a new message. This is just one example of many.

As new technologies appear you need to be able to respond and know how you’re going to respond and to do that you need to be really quick at understanding and trying things out.

Our platform is built to give you the best possible view of what ever it is you are looking at from the widest variety of sources – we’re tackling that big picture.

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