Sep 06 2011

Are You Ready for Holiday 2012?

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I know Holiday 2011 isn’t even here yet, but if you are a retailer and/or e-commerce store owner it’s not enough to get ready for Holiday 2011, but also for next year’s season – especially if this is your first year in business. Here’s how…

Start a journal to log your observations about what went right and what can be improved upon in your planning, forecasting and inventory performance. Then start the new year with a post-mortem of your results and develop a strategy for improvement. Here are some potential topics to consider:

  • Identify the pain points – both yours and your customers – during your peak season
  • Formalize a post-mortem process of evaluating performance
  • Improve vendor compliance
  • Identify changes in planning, forecasting and streamlining purchasing processes
  • Improve forecasting and planning for your e-commerce site
  • Integrate marketing and inventory schedules
  • Develop better communication between e-commerce and marketing teams
  • Identify changes in your organization
  • Improve key inventory control benchmarks for customer service and profitability

The busy season offers rare opportunities to take your marketing to another level! There’s no question that your top priority during the busy season is selling and servicing your customers, but here are practical ways to harness the flood of traffic and prospects to your e-commerce site…

  • Begin a strategy to build up email subscribers so you can market to them throughout the year.
  • Make it easy to leave good reviews/testimonials on yelp, kudzu and other review sites.
  • Begin a strategy to build up facebook and twitter followers who can spread your message even further.
  • Plan ahead to continue publishing great content on your blog even when things get crazy.
  • Build a partnership with your marketing vendor or team to fill in the gaps

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Are You Ready for Holiday 2011?

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