Nov 14 2011

Appealing to Consumers on Black Friday

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A jaw-dropping 212 million shoppers showed up to take advantage of Black Friday sales in 2010, with an even more astounding $39 billion being spent on merchandise. What this means for your business, of course, is a healthy competition to draw in as many of those 212 million shoppers and as much of an “in the black” profit as your organization can manage going into the first day of the 2011 holiday season.

With tech trends evolving from year to year, advertising has done so as well. Attracting your customers is, to the dismay of shop owners everywhere, going to require more than a simple flier or word-of-mouth campaign. Luring in customers means intelligently implementing a social networking strategy into your business’ marketing plan, which may include ubiquitous sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and various other sites with mass followings scouring the Internet in search of which retailers have the greatest deals, and what exclusive offerings businesses like yours have made available online.

In turn, fulfilling your sales goals will mean more than just advertising; exclusive, buzz-worthy sales that differentiate your Black Friday sales’ lineup from your competitors’ are what put customers in your lengthy lines as opposed to theirs’. In today’s world, a prime example might be to offer an exclusive deal for those who check-in to the now omnipresent mobile application FourSquare, which has built a following of more than two million users since its introduction in 2009. And even if your business does not have the capacity to offer the types of deals preferable, do not be afraid to still advertise your sales as superior to your competitor’s in one way or another. Market position can be a surprisingly valuable tool, even if you’re in second place.

Truly, appealing to customers can be as simple as appealing to your own common sense consumer tendencies. A total of 87% of Black Friday shoppers will not buy a product on that particular sales day if it is not discounted. Know better than to present customers with a store only offering a handful of doorbusters and some insignificantly discounted trinkets – if you would be disappointed by your proposed sale, it is likely that your customers will be too.

Lastly, recognize that there are two essential resources in a consumer’s life: time and money. Use basic sensibilities to save your shoppers as much time and money as possible. Put forth displays that are to-the-point and placed in a logical section of the store as well as offer deals your customer will want to brag about when they go home to their families. With the economy in the rough shape it is, consumers are less likely to have saved as much money for the holidays through the year and, as such, are going to be less likely to spend money. Make their shopping experience worth their most valued resources and you just might find yourself gleefully smiling at an empty store when the Black Friday dust has settled.

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    Although black Friday has passed it is usually a time when people flock stores and especially those that give big discounts. In order to attract more customers during this day it is important for them to see the discount and this can be done through prior advertising. You should know where your potential customers are based do that it becomes even easier for you to maximize on customers. .

  2. Black Friday says:

    Can’t wait for the next black friday 🙂
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  3. Judy says:

    I love black Friday. Its so much fun and great deals everywhere.
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