Mar 05 2012

4 Steps to Walk Prospects Through Their Buying Process

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An interview with Kenneth Darryl Brown of eWeb2Sales

We think about our selling process rather than the prospect’s buying process.

96% of people online are looking for answers or solutions to their problems.

There’s a way of integrating your selling process with the buyer’s process.

Create web pages dedicated to the buyer not just your company.

Understand that people don’t want to change, so give them a reason why they should change. What will they go through? What will happen if they don’t change? Make them feel that they aren’t taking a risk.

Once open to the change, provide part of the solution.

  1. Do things that will attract them to you
  2. Connect with them by identifying with their problem
  3. Then engage them with specific questions to get them involved in the conversation
  4. Guide them to the solution for conversions

Listen to the interview…

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One Response to “4 Steps to Walk Prospects Through Their Buying Process”

  1. Kenneth Darryl Brown says:

    Tom, thank you so very much for having me on your radio show. I really enjoyed our conversation! Please join me on my show, “The Passionate Entrepreneur” so I can return the favor! ;0)
    Kenneth Darryl Brown recently posted..Sales Conversion For More Sales & Profits — eWeb 2 Connect Online Networking for Business Thursday, March 8, 2012 (Atlanta)My Profile