Jan 09 2012

How To Pitch Article Ideas to Bloggers

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Pitching article ideas to bloggers is the same as pitching to magazine editors. You have to be professional and engaging. If you fail to accomplish these two things in your pitch, it will be deleted without being read.

There are six ways you can write a stellar pitch, one that will compel any blog owner to request your work.

Read Before Pitching

Before you pitch to a blog owner, browse the website and read some of the articles that have been published. Familiarize yourself with the preferred style of writing and subject matter. Most importantly, read through the guest posting requirements. By doing this, you know what that blog owner expects of you. That way, you can write an article that meets all of those expectations.

Introduce Yourself

Like editors, blog owners get swamped with requests for publication. You want to stand out from the crowd and you want the blog owner to prioritize your email. By now, you’re probably asking, “how do I do this?” It’s easy. Include either the full title of your article idea or two descriptive words that sum up the theme of your article in the subject heading.

Here are two examples:

Guest Post: 4 Ways to Enhance Hair Volume And Thickness

Guest Post: Hair Thickness and Volume

Always address the person to whom you are pitching. If they do not provide a name, write ‘To whom it may concern’ or a casual ‘Hi there’. Next, introduce yourself and your article idea. Mention that you have read some of the content on the blog. Blog owners like it when writers know what content they are looking for.

Explain Your Article Idea

In the second paragraph of your pitch, explain what your article idea is about in less than one hundred words. Don’t summarize your idea. Explain why you are the one to write about this subject matter and how the blog’s target audience can learn and benefit from your information. Make sure your explanation is to the point, compelling and well written.

List Relevant Publishing Credits

In the third paragraph of your pitch, list any publishing credits relative to the content you are writing. Hyperlink keywords to the websites where your previous content has been published or to where your books are sold. If you don’t have any publishing credits, you can skip this step. Besides, most blog owners are more concerned about quality content than about a writer’s experience. So, if you have a talent in writing but do not have content published anywhere else but on your own blog, don’t worry.

Thank The Blog Owner

In the last paragraph–which should only be one sentence long–thank the blog owner for taking the time to read your pitch and for his/her consideration. Sign your pitch with either sincerely, yours truly or warm regards, but capitalize the first letter of each word.

Provide Your Contact Information

Under your full name, include your number and provide a link to your blog or website. This will make you look professional and give you credit. It will also enable the blog owner to learn more about you.

Before you hit the submit button, read over your pitch at least twice for spelling, grammar and syntax. You want to make your pitch perfect, devoid of all mistakes. If you have already written and proofread the article, you can send it as an attachment along with your pitch.

If you follow all six steps, blog owners will return your email, expressing interest in your content.

Here is one example of a pitch that has garnished a positive response from a blogger.

Hi Kostas,

My name is Deanna Proach. I am responding to your call for guest bloggers on My Blog Guest. I browsed your General Thinking blog and I think it is a great blog.

I’d like to know if you would be interested in reading an article titled, ‘Confronting Negativity Is Not The Same As Being Negative’? This article was written by me and it is unique in that it has not been published elsewhere.

This article is based on a time this past summer when I, and others, ignored a woman’s bad behavior because we believed that if we ignored it, she would eventually warm up to us and loose her arrogant attitude. She did not. By ignoring her, we created a stressful and confrontational atmosphere that strained friendships and dampened everyone’s enjoyment. Although this article is written with a personal slant, it is written with the purpose to teach people how not to deal with people who are behaving badly.

I have attached the article for you to read.

I thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Warm Regards

Deanna Proach



Deanna Proach writes for discounts.ca, a website that specializes in voucher codes. She is also the author of Day of Revenge (Inkwater Press).

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3 Responses to “How To Pitch Article Ideas to Bloggers”

  1. alanc230 says:

    I feel that your pitch letter should be as short and to the point as possible. Everyone is busy. Don’t waste the blog owner’s time with excess verbiage.
    alanc230 recently posted..Up to 50% off sidewide at Frank DandyMy Profile

  2. Laura says:

    I’ve had very few pitches like this. These days I don’t accept guest posts at all. It’s not worth the time I spend on reviewing and reformatting them just so I can give someone else free space on the blog I have put years of time and energy into.
    Laura recently posted..The Delights of Personal Grooming of the FeetMy Profile

  3. Geoff says:

    I’m a big fan of NOT sending the actual article along with a pitch. I think it’s a little too presumptuous and it seems like you’re shopping an article around instead of customizing one especially for the website. For my blog, I’d much prefer someone approach me with one (or several) potential topics and perhaps even a rough outline showing that some though has been put into it already.
    Geoff recently posted..Building AdSense Revenue: A Google AdSense TutorialMy Profile