May 17 2011

Guest Blogging: Tips for Growing Your Presence Online

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Being an entrepreneur or business owner in this day and age requires a robust online presence in order to achieve maximal success. More and more people are doing their shopping based on who and what they see on the Internet. This provides both benefits and challenges in your attempts to reach customers. Ensuring an online presence costs significantly less than radio or television advertising, yet you are able to reach a similar audience. However, you need to be aware of how to grow your presence online, as doing it the wrong way will reach virtually no one. It requires a smarter approach.

One of the most successful ways to grow your presence online is known as guest blogging. This consists of situating yourself as an expert in your field, contacting owners of current blogs with a wide readership in your field, and asking if you can write a blog entry for them. You may arrange for them to pay you if you are well-known enough and if your name would significantly add to their readership, but in general if you’re trying to grow your online presence, you will be working for free.

Why Would I Work For Free?

One word: publicity. By posting an article on someone else’s blog, you are showcasing your expertise to the world. You can insert links to your website in your blog post, so your blog post serves as an advertisement as well. Consider it part of your advertising budget to add your voice to someone else’s blog. More often than not, blog owners will be more than happy to post your article – it cuts down on work for them, it situates their blog as a central figure in its field, and it potentially draws in more viewers than before. Guest blogging is nearly always a win-win proposition for the blog owner and the guest writer.

How To Guest Blog – Writing Style Tips

The first thing you have to learn about guest blogging is that blogs are not for the hard sell. People read blogs because they assume they are going to get useful information from them. Therefore, your writing style must not be trying too hard to sell itself. Think of it as growing your presence rather than advertising. You are achieving a larger online footprint so that when people search for products or services in your field, they see your name come up on search engines and in multiple blogs. This will make them think, “hm, I wonder who this person is,” and potentially seek you out on their own.

Online advertising is always more effective if a customer makes the decision on his or her own, without being expressly told to purchase your product. Writing style should be informative, upbeat and low-stress, and it should position you, the author, as an expert in your field.

Ideally, you should also try to post something in the style of the blog for which you’re writing. Read past entries and figure out what characterizes them. Is the blog generally technically-oriented, or is it fun and geared toward amateurs? Do blog posts include images? How are they formatted? Who is the blog’s target reader? Build your own post off of the blog you’re posting for.

Finally, while this may fly in the face of the above tips: be natural! Blog readers can typically smell a phony from a mile away, so try to write in a voice and about a topic that comes naturally to you. Look for blogs whose style you feel approximates your own. This way, their target readership will more likely overlap with your target market.

Other Tips – Guest Blog Post-Writing

Once you’re done writing, formatting and finding images for your blog post, your work isn’t quite done. These post-writing tips are essential if you want to grow your presence online.

Keep tabs on all the blogs for which you’ve written guest posts. Of course, you should be sure to respond to all comments that other people post on your blog; it is also important to comment on other posts. This way, you become part of that blog’s community and people are more likely to trust you.

Finally, be sure to market your post! Send links to your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Even if you know they won’t buy anything from you, getting increased viewership for your post will improve your standing with the blog owner, improve your post’s search engine ranking and will further promote your name.

Good luck and happy guest blogging!

This guest blog post was written by Eric Siu, a los angeles seo consultant who loves to work out, read, play poker, and watch football.

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