Jul 07 2011

Five Creative Ways to Add Content to Your Blog

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Blogging is a fantastic way to grow your reputation as an individual or a business owner. Blogs have become many people’s preferred information and entertainment source and having a blogging presence is a wonderful way to disseminate information, increase traffic to your website and gain credibility both as a writer and as an expert in your field. If your blog lacks engaging content, however, readers will not be impressed and blogging will do little for you or your business. These five alternative ways to add interesting content to your site will help you ensure that your blog will constantly pique your readers’ interest and keep your readers coming back to your site.

  1. Conduct interviews via email. Email famous people, bloggers or business owners a list of questions to answer via email. For many people, this is an easy way to reach out, as the interviewees are less on the spot and can put together responses when it is convenient for them. With their permission, publish their responses. Especially interesting or controversial topics could increase traffic to your page, but be careful not to step over the line. You might choose to sponsor or support a cause and interview someone active within it. Readers generally have positive views of bloggers who support philanthropic causes and it may be easier to snag an interview from someone who is dedicated to your issue(s).
  2. Podcast transcription. Record podcasts related to your main theme. You could create your own podcast or invite others to contribute their podcasts. Hire a podcast transcription company to transcribe these podcasts. When you publish the transcripts on your website, they will be indexed by search engines and increase traffic to your site. Submit your podcasts to podcast directories to increase your audience. You may wish to make a compelling welcome podcast to reach out to readers.
  3. Daily tips. Create a running list of tips related to your blog. When you think of an appropriate tip while going about your daily business, add it to this list. When you need posts for your blog, just consult this list; you’ll have plenty of daily tips stored up that you can turn into blog posts. This suggestion will help you to consistently post fresh, original content. It encourages readers to return often for new tips.
  4. Crowdsourced blog posts (asking readers to contribute their thoughts). Ask readers to contribute their thoughts on a particular topic. Aggregate those responses into posts. If you feel the need to broaden your audience to get a sufficient number of posts, leave comments and queries on other blogs related to your main theme. This is an excellent way to gain recognition and create buzz about your site. As with the previously mentioned email interviews, particularly interesting or controversial topics can increase submissions from readers. Be sure to publicly recognize insightful commenters and consistent posters, as recognition can encourage them to contribute even more frequently.
  5. Giveaways for the best comment on a particular topic or question that you pose. Offer a prize to the reader who submits the best comment/response (via your blog’s commenting options). Ask a question like, “What is the best way to ___?” Readers will add thoughtful comments in order to win a prize. Their comments will be indexed by search engines, driving traffic to your site. Be sure to end the contest and provide the promised prize in a timely fashion. Good ideas for affordable prizes include t-shirts and other items made to promote your blog. You can run contests daily, weekly or monthly to encourage greater interaction on your blog.

Randall Davidson is a co-founder of AudioTranscription.Org, an innovative audio transcription company that is committed to helping individuals achieve success, both through the personal development articles offered on the company’s blog and through the affordable, high quality business and general transcription services the company provides. As a frequent contributor to the AudioTranscription.Org blog, Randall has learned the importance of writing articles that engage readers.

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2 Responses to “Five Creative Ways to Add Content to Your Blog”

  1. Xavier Nelson says:

    Randall, thank you, there were a few I hadn’t thought of to be honest.
    I do like the idea of adding some of my transcripts as content itself, aside from the podcast on its own.

    All the best,

  2. Randall says:

    @Xavier: I’m glad you liked it. Adding podcast transcripts alongside your podcasts themselves is a great way to increase your organic traffic.