Apr 02 2012

Building Blogger Relationships for Effective Marketing

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When promoting a product, you use all the usual mediums – Facebook, TV, magazine ads, Twitter – but have you used a blog? I don’t mean a business blog that you personally maintain, but someone else’s blog? If not, it’s a marketing path that is worth considering.

“We see blogger outreach as the opportunity to leverage influencers and connect with a new audience. We recognize that there are conversations happening in the blogosphere that are applicable to the brands we represent and we believe it’s valuable for our brands to join the discussion.” – Technorati.com

There are over 72 million WordPress blogs in the world, according to WordPress.com. With over 353 million people reading over 2.5 billion pages a month, it seems like a no brainer. But you’re not a writer you say? Well, don’t worry; you have a number of options.

Reaching Out

The first step in this process is to reach out to various bloggers; a simple email and you are well on your way. The important part of your contact process will be choosing a blog that fits your brand, target audience and style. If you aren’t connecting with the right audience, chances are the blogger will turn you down. Even if they don’t, your efforts wouldn’t be quite as successful. Keep these guidelines in mind.

  • Read through the “About Me” page to get an idea of what the blog and blogger are all about.
  • Browse through the site to see if their content and subject area meets your criteria.
  • Does their overall theme and style match that of your brand? You want to be reaching audiences similar to your target customer to see any results.
  • What are their traffic levels, content quality, and search ranking?
  • Find contact information.

Review of Your Product

If you don’t feel comfortable writing an article yourself, then you can reach out for a product review. This isn’t uncommon, and many sites are willing to do this for a small fee. Remember that the blogger will be writing an unbiased, truthful article, so be ready for what they’ll have to say, positive or negative. In this email, be sure to include the following details.

  • Introduce yourself, your company, and the product.
  • Suggest the review, and explain what you are looking for, and what you have to offer.
  • End your email with a call to action. “If you are interested, please feel free to contact me at this address at a time that is convenient for you.”

Write a Guest Post

If your interest is less in promoting a product and more about business recognition, you can suggest writing a guest post for the website. Many bloggers have guest authors, and a simple email can get you headed in the right direction. However, it’s important to consider your personal writing skills. Is there someone in the company who would write this the best? Bloggers have standards and guidelines; it’s important that you adhere to them. Reaching out to guest post will be similar to a product review email.

  • Keep it short and to the point.
  • Suggest an article topic, or ask if there is something they’d like to see you cover.
  • Read over the guidelines, which should outline the rules for linking, etc. As a guest blogger, links in your bio or copy are what make the process worthwhile.

Reap the Benefits

Reaching out to the blogging community will be a positive move for your business. With such a high concentration of frequent bloggers and readers, you can be sure that you are accessing a large and interested audience. The Social Media Matters study by BlogHer found that 88% of all active blog readers in the U.S. trust the information from blogs they frequent.

  • You’re reaching an active and invested audience of consumers you’ve yet to touch.
  • You have the opportunity to make a connection with someone who could potentially have leverage in the social media world – a good blogger.
  • You can share the post with current customers, which increases your credibility.

Reaching out to bloggers is a smart way to extend your efforts. With the face of marketing changing every day, and turning more to the world of social media, it’s critical that you get creative. Getting into the over populated blogosphere is a great way to extend your range of marketing tactics and see results.

Jessica Sanders is an avid small business writer touching on topics from social media to merchant services.  She writes for an online resource that gives advice on topics including credit card processing for lead generation resource, Resource Nation.

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