Feb 02 2011

Blogging Plans Can Be Fun!

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I am sure I am not the only regular blog writer that has ever stared at their computer forlornly, wondering where they are going to pull the next blog from. Or that has ended up writing, deleting, writing, deleting, writing deleting (yes, this process can go on for days!). So how can you get past this annoying side affect of regular blog writing… by writing a blog plan of course!

Planning may not sound fun, but it can make writing regular posts a smooth and easy process. Best of all you can plan your blog without taking away the creative fun of it all.

Although there are many ways to plan your blog I think there are two real types of planning. Planning by post or producing an overall blog plan. Each has benefits and to be honest it may come down to how much you enjoy the planning process!

Planning post by post
Planning before you write actually makes the writing process easier and more enjoyable. When I plan a post I find that I actually produce better quality content that gets more feedback from readers. The process is not as stilted as you might think:

  1. Sit down and look at the blog from a reader’s point of view and think about what you want to say and what benefit the post will give to reader’s lives. I find this has way better impact than the stream of consciousness type post I produced when I first started blogging. Yes, we all blog because we enjoy it, but most of us blog to connect in some way. Whether it is for social reasons or profit, this method guarantees that you develop more of a bond with your reader.
  2. Split your plan into three sections. What is the problem or issue you are going to look at? How does it affect / interest the reader? What solution or insight is your post going to offer? This may sound formulaic, but just jotting down a few notes answering each of these questions gives you a great foundation for the rest of the post. It automatically gives you some structure and direction.

Planning your blog overall
This may be a bit of a chore, but you will really feel the benefit when you are more than a few months into your time in the serious blogging world. If you are planning on blogging very regularly or for profit I think this type of plan is really, really essential.

  1. Think about what the objectives of your blog are. Do you want to be established as an expert in a field, or use your blog as a launch pad for affiliate marketing? Write your objectives down.
  2. Now, have a look at your posts. Do they fit in with your objectives? Are there any areas you have not blogged about yet that you need to?
  3. Plan out your post topics for a period of time. This could be a month, six months or even a year, this will usually depend on how often you blog. Print your blog topics on a sheet of paper and print it out. Cut each topic into a strip. Move the topics around in different positions to see which order of posts flows better and meets your objectives.
  4. Then all you have to decide is whether to do post plans there and then, or when the post needs to be written. The choice is yours!

So make your blogging life easier, start planning and take the stress out of your creative writing process!

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3 Responses to “Blogging Plans Can Be Fun!”

  1. Brad Harmon says:

    Okay, I’m not sure if I can go as far as saying planning blog posts are fun, Sophia; however, I think it’s a great strategy to improving your blog. It’s tempting to just sit down and write what you want to say about a particular topic, and I’ve done that my fair share of times.

    You give great advice though when you say to sit down and think about your post from the reader’s point of view. After all, that’s why we’re posting it on a blog – right?

    I also like your suggestion of writing out your purpose for the blog. I’ve met bloggers who have told me why they blog, but I would have never guessed it from their posts. These two should align.

    Planning blog posts might not be fun, but I enjoyed your post. Thanks.

  2. Georgia Quantrell says:

    Interesting and very helpful post for a new blogger that hasn’t thought of planning her blog before, it makes a lot of sense! Good work x

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