Oct 19 2011

Adding Audio in WordPress

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Although a completely underused tool, audio blogaudio streaming can actually improve the communication that you currently have with your customers. If you also happen to use WordPress at the moment, then you are definitely in luck. WordPress happens to have several plug-ins that can help you add audio onto your website with ease.

Now, a lot of people seem to face audio problems because they have no idea how to make the audio to begin with. Some people are scared of using microphones, for example, while others have simply never talked at a computer before and just aren’t fond of the concept. So, although it is great news that recording messages nowadays is very affordable and easy to do, the actual recording of the messages might require some practice before you can succeed. Think about it, though: what new things out there don’t require practice?

Another problem that a lot of people seem to face with audio is that their audio always comes out with poor quality. Well, if recording messages on its own doesn’t seem to be working for you, then you might want to invest in a microphone of good quality. This way, you will be able to make decent recordings for your customers without worrying about coming across as unprofessional.

If you’d like, you can also download some software on basic recording. Although most computers already have basic recording software built into their operating systems, there tend to be better ones available on the World Wide Web if you look around.

These online versions tend to have upgrades available, too, so if you want to improve your recordings all the more, you can just use the software to edit them. This will definitely be worth your time and money if you plan on using audio in WordPress on a regular basis.

Naturally, you can just opt to use the basic free plug-ins that already exist on WordPress, such as Audio Player and other WordPress audio plugins. These plug-ins are quite decent for audio streaming, but if you exceed the 8MB limit, you will have to look into outside hosting to store your files.

Fortunately, audio storage is highly affordable on the Internet, too. And, once you get used to the terminology that they use for audio, you won’t have trouble hooking things up.

Overall, it would be a very smart move to use audio in place of video when it comes to WordPress websites. Besides, audio comes with a lot of other benefits, too. For example, your readers have the option to download your audio files and save them onto their computers. Plus, when it comes to webinars, they will find it much more convenient to listen to audio files since they can do something else as they listen to you speak. Think about it.

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5 Responses to “Adding Audio in WordPress”

  1. Adding Audio in Wordpress – Exploit Online Demand says:

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  2. Ileane says:

    I’m using free hosting for my audio podcasts right now through MixCloud and SoundCloud. They supply you with the embed code and it seems to work for now. Most podcasters use Libsyn or Blubrry.
    Ileane recently posted..Tricks and Tips For Promoting Guest Posts with CommentLuv PremiumMy Profile

  3. Brian D. Hawkins says:

    I signed up for Audioboo last week but still haven’t put it to use yet. I’m limited to 3 minutes of record time with a free account and can upgrade to 30 minutes for £60.00/year, whatever that is. Around a hundred dollars US I think.
    Brian D. Hawkins recently posted..Blog Resources – Keep Your Blog Money – Protect Your Blogging BusinessMy Profile

  4. William says:

    I like the benefits you provided of installing an audio plug in. I agree about it being easier to download as well. I think it could add some appeal in my site. I will think about it some more. Thank you for the suggestion.

  5. Kevin @ Calgary Web Design says:

    This is awesome!

    I am always looking for new ways to engage my audience. I am going to check out this functionality on my WordPress site for sure!

    Thanks for the share
    Kevin recently posted..Business Blogging – How to Right a Winning Blog PostMy Profile