Oct 05 2011

6 Blogging Steps to Success

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Do you want your blog to succeed? Well, you can’t just expect it to do so without putting in any hard work or effort, can you? So, here are the 6 steps of blogging that you need to follow in order for your blog to succeed.

Step One: Establish a good voice.

The best blogs out there deliver their information clearly since they are supposed to be more about conversation than anything else. In other words, you have to deliver your information to your readers in an interactive manner. Keep in mind that blogs are meant to place the image of a company or a person, as well, so a clear voice will help your company or your professional personality get a better reputation.

To emphasize your blog writing more, you have to think from a user’s point of view, as well, so try to add subjects that are funny and entertaining every now and then. Remember: a good voice doesn’t mean that you have to stay serious. It simply means that you should be conversational, informative and friendly.

Step Two: Share your opinions.

Great blogs connect fact with opinion. So, regardless of what theme your blog has, your readers will want to know your points of view. Share your opinions and ideas about certain products, for example, and make readers relate to them and with you.

Step Three: Write quality content.

Great blogs always deliver good articles that are simple, useful and complete. Great blogs have basic blog posts that are straightforward and concise. In other words, your blog doesn’t have to sound professional at all times. Instead, you can share certain techniques on it, as well as share link posts and advice from other websites if you want.

Step Four: Have a good design.

Great blogs have good designs – a very important factor when it comes to websites. If you want, you can just hire a professional designer to do this job for you.

Step Five: Incorporate SEO.

Great blogs prefer to use keywords in place of words. This will ensure that their articles, labels, news and backlinks are ready to be found when searched. So, always use keywords when it comes to talking about certain services or products – almost like they’re the main subject of your articles.

Step Six: Reach out to people.

Great blogs reach out to their readers in order to attract them into coming back for more. To do this, make it a point to announce your new blog posts through various social networking websites, like Twitter and Facebook. If possible, share your blog with other blogs. If you want, you can even ask visitors to guest blog for you and thus increase your traffic all the more. The choice is yours.

Derrick Webb is an experienced writer and a blogger that is generally focused on SEO, internet marketing and database development. He is also a writer for Toledo web design, a firm that provides SEO services and web design for small businesses.

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5 Responses to “6 Blogging Steps to Success”

  1. Grady Pruitt says:

    Of all these steps, the hardest, and most important, is number 6. All the others are relatively easy. Getting the word out takes work. And a lot of it.

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing them!
    Grady Pruitt recently posted..Broke? Find More Money to Build Your Wealth!My Profile

  2. AstroGremlin@WordPress Blogging says:

    Step 3 Writing Quality Content is the hardest for me. I now contemplate my readers much more and wonder what kind of piece they would really enjoy, offer useful information, offer a different insight. Real quality is a challenge. Based on my own behavior, I barely scan articles; I know others do, too. So I’m determined to make higher quality posts.

    Getting the word out is a lot of work, but it’s fairly fun. Just takes a lot of time!
    AstroGremlin recently posted..9 Largely Ignored SuperherosMy Profile

  3. Tom says:

    Too true Grady. Hitting the right notes is increasingly difficult in a world of information overload. Do we have the time or even the inclination to listen? Are people to pre-occupied with their own lives to grasp what bloggers are trying to communicate.

    On a separate note, linking fb and twitter is a nightmare. I’ve been trying to link the two from each others sites for months without success, so any advice would be appreciated.

    And guest blogging, there’s a thought!! THANKS!
    Tom recently posted..Access panels – Not the only access products we do!My Profile

  4. Jessica Blox says:

    These are basic but very important steps. Thanks for sharing such steps. It really help me more in blogging.

  5. Hamish says:

    Writing good quality content that is either informative or entertaining – both if you can pull it off – is vital. You need to get the word out as you point out in number 6. But, whilst SEO might get people to visit your blog in the first instance, they won’t return, subscribe, join your list etc. unless your content offering is good.
    Hamish recently posted..Kindle Fire vs Nook Color (vs iPad)My Profile