Jan 30 2012

Google Algorithm Changes to Expect In 2012

Category: organic seoTom Shivers

An interview with Chris Burns of SERPd

Google is expected to rely less on backlinks as a way to determine the value of websites. This seems to be the theme of most of the changes we are seeing with Google’s algorithm with respect to SEO.

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Jan 25 2012

Does SEO Trump Conversion?

Category: organic seoTom Shivers

There are instances when SEO is not the best solution as a traffic source, the squeeze page is one of them. Here’s a good example of a question I’ve seen in marketing forums a number of times…

Q: “I understand that SEO is content and backlinks and all that mumbo jumbo. Now normally I’d think you’d stick your squeeze page out there and SEO that, but with that there’s no real content so no real SEO. The other issue I have is that I went and wrote some articles a while back and when I really changed to what’s working for me now, none of the directories will except my new squeeze page as its very small and has about zip content (but has been converting the best for me). So do I need to completely reconstruct everything I”m doing to get started with SEO or is there something I’m just not getting about what pages need SEO and what pages can get subscribers?”

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Jan 23 2012

5 Steps to Creating a Social Media Campaign That Won’t Kill Your Budget

Category: social mediaTom Shivers

Here’s another one for your book of best social media campaigns. Ikea recently hosted an in-store sleepover in their Essex store for 100 lucky social media contest winners. (See video above.)

The campaign is clever and sure to earn the furniture company a collection of media mentions, but what’s especially compelling is the fact that Ikea didn’t need to hire a team of developers for some fancy Facebook app. This is a social media campaign executed through pure cleverness. Here’s how you can do the same for your company: Continue reading “5 Steps to Creating a Social Media Campaign That Won’t Kill Your Budget”

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Jan 17 2012

Time to Go Mobile

Category: mobile marketingTom Shivers

As an advertiser, you need to get to your customers, wherever they are. Now, more than ever, your customers are on their mobile phones doing everything. Paying bills, checking scores, and most importantly, doing research on what they’re next purchase is going to be. According to Google, 65% of mobile users do research on products, restaurants or services on their cell phones before buying and that 50% of all mobile searches result in purchase. And when it’s estimated that there are between 6-8 billion Google searches made on mobile phones a month, you’d be crazy to not start a mobile-targeted PPC campaign!

Before you can just set up a mobile campaign, there are a few things you’ll need to iron out to make sure your website is mobile friendly, so let’s you prepared for mobile AdWords management.

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Jan 09 2012

How To Pitch Article Ideas to Bloggers

Category: bloggingGuest Author

Pitching article ideas to bloggers is the same as pitching to magazine editors. You have to be professional and engaging. If you fail to accomplish these two things in your pitch, it will be deleted without being read.

There are six ways you can write a stellar pitch, one that will compel any blog owner to request your work.

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Jan 03 2012

Does SEO Support Marketing or Does Marketing Support SEO?

Category: organic seoTom Shivers

It’s interesting how many businesses act like Does your marketing make the mark?SEO is in a different department than marketing… “oh that’s IT.” This is a real problem for people who implement SEO because the expectation is often: “go do your technical thing to get our site ranking but don’t expect any help from us, that’s your job.”

This kind of thinking might have worked out fine a few years ago but today the search engines treat sites that don’t engage as not so useful – and that impacts search rank. “But it’s just a program, how could it know what’s engaging or not?” Oh my friend, the algorithm is a program, but don’t be naïve, that’s not all search engines have at their disposal to evaluate and rank sites today.

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