Sep 28 2011

Flash vs HTML5: The Race Is On

Category: internet marketingGuest Author

Website design is becoming more and more important in the internet boom which has become a money making phenomenon. A well developed website that encourages user activity to promote products or services is what people are looking for, and what they need in order to make an informed decision. When you are designing a website for your business you have two routes. Use template theme designs like WordPress, or have a custom built website. WordPress is a great way to conjure up a website quick, and start competing in your niche as soon as possible. However, a custom website that requires amazing interactions and specific preferences is going to require a little more. Maybe you have a website design in mind and just need to outsource the coding. If this is the case, you more than likely have been hearing a lot about HTML 5 and Flash going head to head.
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Sep 26 2011

Online Conversion With Matt Williams

Category: conversion rate optimizationTom Shivers

An interview with Matt Williams of No Possum Consulting

  • What challenges do businesses face today with online conversion?
  • You’re really competing with yourself, not your competitors
  • Classic book on entering the shopping cart: “Don’t Make Me Think”
  • Shopping cart abandonment
  • ROI for online conversion is usually high and on going
  • Increase your traffic, optimize your conversion process, up selling and cross selling opportunities
  • Where do you invest your $1000?
  • Forecasting is key

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Sep 21 2011

Best Money-making and Cost-saving Tips for Online Retail from Last Year

Category: businessTom Shivers

The 21 of the 50 best tips for ecommerce; have you implemented these yet?

1. Using any home digital video camera, you can shoot and now edit an effective video to complement your website’s product presentations. If your lighting is even and audio clear, you can create an effective online video. As a rule of thumb, keep videos short. For beginners, less than a minute is best. If you’re going over two minutes, your name better be Francis Ford Coppola. Don’t let an individual scene run longer than 
10 seconds.
George Hague, HAGUEdirect
“5 Free, Fantastic Web Marketing Tools,” May, Retail Online Integration

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Sep 19 2011

Will Digg Ever be Shovel-ready?

Category: social mediaTom Shivers

An interview with Emory Rowland

Emory, it’s great to have another interview! The last one was on cost per action marketing and it was popular, but today you have something else on your mind, specifically digg. When did you get started with digg and what kind of success did you have with it?

I started using digg on 4/22/06 and had zero success. I loved the idea of reading news stories that had been voted into popularity rather than picked by editors. But, I admit in the forefront of my mind was the possibility of nudging some of my underappreciated content toward the top of the digg front page. So, like any noob would, I submitted my own posts to digg, sat back, and watched them fall flat, rarely if ever getting out of the single digit range.

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Sep 14 2011

6 Essentials for Web Designers

Category: businessTom Shivers

If you’re looking to break into the field of web design, there are a few essentials that will vastly increase your productivity and earning potential.


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Sep 12 2011

The Growth of Social Media [infographic]

Category: social mediaTom Shivers

The infographic covers:

  • A users timeline
  • Social media visitor growth
  • facebook
  • twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Flickr
  • Wikipedia
  • Companies using social media
  • The World

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Sep 07 2011

How QR Codes Impact Business Today

Category: mobile marketingTom Shivers

An interview with Tom Murphy of Murphy Consulting

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Sep 06 2011

Are You Ready for Holiday 2012?

Category: businessTom Shivers

I know Holiday 2011 isn’t even here yet, but if you are a retailer and/or e-commerce store owner it’s not enough to get ready for Holiday 2011, but also for next year’s season – especially if this is your first year in business. Here’s how…

Start a journal to log your observations about what went right and what can be improved upon in your planning, forecasting and inventory performance. Then start the new year with a post-mortem of your results and develop a strategy for improvement. Here are some potential topics to consider: Continue reading “Are You Ready for Holiday 2012?”

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