Nov 23 2010

Competing On Customer Experience

Category: web analyticsTom Shivers

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Jenny: how do text ads vs. image ads affect user experience?
Eric Feige: Jenny, your question is one that Usability Sciences has addressed. It really depends on the persona, the user goals and the scenario that they are completing. Image ads appeal more to customers/users who need a great deal of information and context regarding the product that they are evaluating. Other user profiles, on the other hand, purely want to get through the task at hand as quickly as possible and just need the basics of what is in the advertisement / promotion. Online coupons fit into this category – though our experience and research findings indicate that a great deal of instruction (e.g. print the coupon and take it with you) is required.

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Nov 11 2010

How to Track PayPal Transaction Data in Google Analytics Ecommerce – Sample Code

Category: generalYulia Solodky

(Warning: highly technical post, but highly useful for ecommerce sites!)

Although Google Analytics is free, it can be tricky getting the Ecommerce section to provide you with the kind of data you need to track specific transactions. As you may know, when Ecommerce analytics work you can see things like:

  • Products purchased
  • Price
  • Quantity
  • Tax
  • Shipping
  • Location
  • Order ID
  • SKU

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