Jun 22 2010

Customers Help Your Marketing Go Viral

Category: social mediaGuest Author

As you seek to promote your business online, you are likely pretty focused on bringing in as many new site visitors and customers as possible. This is a noble goal, but don’t ignore the sometimes hidden land of plenty that your current and past customers represent in your online marketing efforts.

You are already familiar with the term “viral marketing” right? Well, the best way to get your business promoted virally is by tapping into your customers. These are people who have bought from you and who are fans of your business. They can, and will, help you grow your business.

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Jun 03 2010

Poll: What Sites and Links Offer the Most Value for Search Rank?

Category: link buildingTom Shivers

Your choices in these two poll questions came from other SEO professionals and those who claim to be, can you tell the difference?


You can view the results of both polls in real time by clicking View Results. When we have enough results, I’ll post my thoughts on the order of priority for valuable sites and anchor text.