See your site's average click through rates for positions 1-10 in Google

And begin forecasting future search engine traffic


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click through rates from Google positions


When you know your site's average click through rate from the top 10 organic positions in Google, it gives you power to:

  • Predict future search engine traffic
  • Forecast search engine traffic for new keywords (before optimizing for them)
  • Evaluate traffic opportunities from different areas of the SERPs (paid vs. organic)
  • Increase your click through rate by first setting a baseline from which to measure future performance


  • You will get a visual spreadsheet showing click through rate average in Google ranking positions for your specific website (like the image above).
  • You will get a tool to estimate visitors coming from Google if your site will rank for a certain keyword based on your site's actual data.
  • Instructions on how to populate the spreadsheet yourself.
Tool estimates visitors from Google positions