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Organic SEO Automotive Industry Case Study: Metro Wheels

The Organization
Metro Wheels has a wheel/rim repair facility that processes hundreds of damaged wheels every day. They also sell new and used alloy wheels across the southeastern United States.

The Challenge
After 16 years in business, Metro Wheels wanted to use its website to generate leads. They came to Capture Commerce in 2005 for help with search engine optimization after becoming frustrated by higher and higher pay-per-click prices each month.

The company's goal was to gain top rankings in the natural search engine results for the keywords from their pay-per-click campaign, which were some of the most competitive search terms in the auto industry. To achieve that goal, potential car owners with wheel problems needed to find the site for a range of search terms like alloy wheels, wheel repair and rim repair.

The Campaign
Capture Commerce put together both short-term and long-term plans to effectively realize their goal. First, we targeted less competitive keywords to gain quick top rankings and increase traffic to the site. At the same time, we also targeted the very competitive keywords that everyone else in the automotive industry was after.

The link-building campaign involved some directory registrations, publishing engaging articles and implementing an RSS feed. Each phase of the campaign was crafted to fit the marketing message and included adjusting keywords, copywriting, enhancing navigation, adding content and ongoing link-building.

The Results
After 5 months, Metro Wheels gained top-ranking positions for some competitive keywords in their industry. But the second phase of the campaign yielded even better results.

Terry, who manages e-mail requests from Metro Wheels' website, said that in January '06, they went from very little response to:

  • An average of 30 e-mails daily, which yield 10-12 wheel parts sales of $50 each.
  • They service 7-10 wheel repairs each week from out of state, averaging $120 each as a result of the e-mails.

"The Internet has completely turned us around; we should have done this 3 years ago," he concluded.

The web stats show Metro Wheels' website receives about 12,000 visits each month from hundreds of search terms like alloy wheels, aluminum wheels, rim repair, wheel repair, alloy wheel repair and aluminum rims.

The site ranks for numerous #1 positions and a multitude of top 5 positions.

metro wheels web stats

The cooperative and driving spirit of Metro Wheels' owner allowed Capture Commerce to take his campaign and website from an average search engine presence to above average and, finally, to an industry contender. While pay-per-click advertising is still part of Metro Wheels' marketing strategy, they no longer depend on that strategy to get good exposure and results with their online market.

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