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It used to be that, if you could write reasonably well, you could write anything from memos to reports to thank-you notes. But when it comes to targeted communication with an audience that you want to influence - relaying your marketing message to your customers and prospects - we've learned that few people possess the skills to do this efficiently and effectively.

SEO copywriting, content writing

Successful copywriting for a website involves:

  • Understanding your audience and its demographics (age, gender, role, etc.)
  • Writing well and succinctly, since most people will spend only a minute on your site
  • Editing fiercely, because of time and space constraints, and deleting the "fluff"

Capture Commerce works with professional copywriters who can take your site to the next level. Our SEO copywriters know how to:

  • Incorporate your keywords into the text of your site - to gain and maintain top rankings
  • Effectively tell your story to your target audience/s
  • Polish the grammar and spelling errors on your site that could be costing you sales

SEO Content Writing - Create High-Quality, Link-Worthy Content
Here's the hard truth about SEO: For every keyword phrase you want to gain high organic rank, you must be prepared to create the kind of content for your website that will set you apart from the other sites also targeting that keyword, and make your site authoritative on these subjects. There is an enormous amount of competition for coveted search terms, and your site will not have a chance to outrank competitors unless you are committed to out-doing them. The way you approach authoritative content will make all the difference in your organic rankings.

Our copywriters can walk you through this process, using your responses to craft marketing messages tailored to your top keywords that resonate with your online audience/s. This informed approach to SEO puts you in your prospects' shoes by asking:

  1. Why would someone use this search term (rather than a different one)?
  2. How can we address the real intent of this person on our website?
  3. Which media communicates best with this individual: video, articles, music, images, interactive tools or a combination?
  4. What's the best way to encourage this individual to learn more about us and discover that we are a credible organization in the process?
  5. How can we organize the content of our site so that users and search engines can quickly find (within one click) what they are looking for - even if it doesn't match our brand name initiatives perfectly?

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