Link Building

Link-building is all about establishing credibility on the Web. Think for a moment: if my business and website were top of mind and authoritative, where would I expect it to be listed or referenced on the Internet? Where are my competitors referenced?

Effective link building - SEO friendly links

Links pointing to your website are considered quality links if they are on sites that are relevant for your topic or to your audience. Increasing the incoming links to your site from quality sites will go a long way to establishing Internet credibility.

There are many strategies to conduct a link building campaign, but we recommend these:

  • Create content that addresses the real needs of your target audience
  • Establish relationships with other quality and on-topic websites
  • Publish press releases and articles online (on relevant sites)
  • Develop link worthy resources or tools that become "viral" on the Web
  • Build up followers who will promote your message to their friends and followers.

Link-building is, by far, the most difficult part of a complete SEO plan; those who sacrifice quality or are impatient will not be rewarded for their efforts.

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