Keyword Research

The keyword analysis identifies the search terms that will bring the most qualified visitors to your site. This keyword research allows you to see what your online market is actually looking for and how frequently the keyword is used. The other part of the analysis evaluates the competition for each keyword and recommendations are made based on this data.

Choosing or selecting keywords is always challenging because there are many opportunities but only a few that can be effectively targeted at one time. So consider these things when making a selection.

  • Do not select brand name keywords unless your website is affiliated with the brand name
  • Consider the popularity of the keyword
  • Consider the intent of the searcher
  • Realize that most people who are searching are really re-searching
  • Some know exactly what they want

If you find a keyword that has clear intent and decent popularity, then you may have found a great search term to pursue.

keyword research, choosing keywords for SEO

Our recommended list of keywords for your website will be clear based on your site's strengths and weaknesses in the present online market.

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