Dec 18 2012

Mental Triggers and Strategies Used By Direct Response Copywriters

Category: conversion rate optimizationTom Shivers

Certainly a good copywriter has command of the mental-triggerEnglish language, but proper grammar and correct spelling isn’t always in the best interest of the direct response copywriter.

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Dec 11 2012

Everyone Knows SEO Status Quo

Category: organic seoTom Shivers

It seems like most people I talk to now “know SEO.”

Sometimes people want to pay me to do a SEO task for them, but I have a problem taking their money because I know it won’t make the difference.

Quite often people who have experienced success with SEO in the past, now want to do the same things that worked before. The assumptions go like this: Continue reading “Everyone Knows SEO Status Quo”

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Dec 04 2012

Video and Responsive Web Design Tips

Category: mobile marketingGuest Author

Responsive web design is about creating web content that changes to suit the device on which it is being viewed. Instead of having to create multiple websites that are tailored to different devices such as tablets, smartphones and desktop PCs, responsive websites will adapt to the size constraints of the device automatically.

This is a great way to optimise the viewing experiences of visitors using many different devices to surf the web. Because of the increasing popularity of hand-held and mobile devices in recent years, responsive web design is becoming more and more prominent. Being able to create websites that will look great on desktop and mobile devices alike is an excellent way to give users a great online experience. Here is a guide to responsive websites, and how to incorporate video content within them.

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