Oct 29 2012

The Shocker About Google’s Disavow Link Tool

Category: link buildingTom Shivers

Warning: this post is for advanced SEO people

Google’s Disavow Link Tool is all the buzz now and I’m glad G rolled it out.

Not long after the Google Penguin update (late April 2012) sent some SEOs into a tizzy of trying to remove unnatural links to their sites, Bing Webmaster Tools came out with a tool to disavow links. Google then said they would come out with something similar for Google Webmaster Tools, and now Google has rolled out their version of a disavow link tool.

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Oct 22 2012

3 Steps To Setup Shopping Cart Abandonment Emails Properly

Category: conversion rate optimizationGuest Author

Cart abandonment emails are emails sent to customers who begin but do not complete checkout.

Cart abandonment emails are effective. Case studies have proven that setting up a simple cart abandonment email can convert sales that would otherwise be lost at a rate of between 10-30%.

A survey conducted in 2011 found that only 30% of retailers have actually implemented cart abandonment emails – particularly low when you consider that 85% of all carts are abandoned and that, once configured, cart abandonment emails are completely automated. Continue reading “3 Steps To Setup Shopping Cart Abandonment Emails Properly”

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Oct 15 2012

Top Problem For Businesses New To SEO: Conversion

Category: organic seoTom Shivers

This is a classic issue that can come up for newcomers to SEO and most don’t know what they should be asking before engaging.

The basic assumption from people new to this space goes something like this: “Yeah, we’ve never done this before but we have to now, so tell us about your pricing.”

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Oct 08 2012

Double The Effectiveness of E-commerce Newsletters

Category: businessGuest Author

Net-a-porter makes 32% of it’s revenues (over $1.5 million dollars per month!) off the back of email newsletters.

The Direct Marketing Association says the ROI of email marketing is as high as $43 per $1 spent. As evidenced by Net-a-porter, building up an email markeitng list can be incredibly valuable – the secret lies in how to maximise the effectiveness of your list.

Below I’ve laid out a proven tactic for lifting your e-commerce newsletter conversions. This is a trick used only by the savviest of email marketers though it is now easy enough to do that any online store can make the most of it.

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Oct 01 2012

5 Mistakes of Bad Promotional Infographics

Category: contentGuest Author

What was once a brilliant communication tool has now been fed to the digital marketing rubes, who lack the creativity to even choose a relevant topic for their infographic, let alone arrange the data they have into a compelling design. A lot of bad promotional infographics seem to make the same mistakes, but they all stem from the fact that a lot of marketers aren’t willing to put in the time or the effort required to generate good content that people actually want to click on and share.

If I sound a little harsh on the “creators” of these bad infographics, it’s only because it irks me when uncreative, lazy people try to capitalize on the success of insightful people who are willing to do the hard work necessary to create something great. You can avoid falling into the former category by not making the following mistakes. Continue reading “5 Mistakes of Bad Promotional Infographics”

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