Jun 29 2011

Get a Decision or Get Out of Marketing

Category: organic seoTom Shivers

$$$ = [Desire Based Tension] + (Decision)

“If you are not relevant enough in the mind of your [prospects and] customers to get them to make a decision, then they will never ever buy.”

“Your job as a marketer… is to be relevant enough to get people to make a decision about you… one way or another. The purpose of good marketing is to get people to make a decision about you… to be a fork in the road.”

These are quotes from Clay Collins which are spot on, watch the short video below to get the full force of these statements.

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Jun 27 2011

5 Advantages of Content Management Web Design

Category: internet marketingGuest Author

If you run any sort of business whatsoever, whether you’re a work at home parent or a multi-million dollar company, you need a great website. Some still think that fully interactive, frequently updated websites are expensive, time consuming and difficult to maintain. Content Management Systems (CMS) offer a simple way to publish content on the web in an attractive, cutting-edge format.

CMS websites give you the control.
As a website owner, a CMS website gives you control over the content. No more waiting for your web designer to fit updates into their schedule. No more paying for every little change. You can update your website any time you like with very little training.

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Jun 20 2011

Can Digg Put the Pin Back in the Grenade?

Category: social mediaTom Shivers

An interview with David Leonhardt

So, how did Digg rise to wild popularity, fall to mediocrity and give birth to numerous social voting sites?

Digg really was “The Great White Hope”, so to speak, but they blew it with Version 4. They made a classic mistake that so many companies make. When they tried to reinvent themselves, they did not play to their strengths. Coca Cola made that same mistake with New Coke.

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Jun 14 2011

What is “Sticky” Content?

Category: social mediaHeather

So what exactly makes content “sticky?” Are we talking some type of adhesive or is it more of a gel? In the online world, sticky means good things…particularly when you’re talking about content. When it comes to the Internet, “people go online for hard facts and information,” says Enzo Cesario, Chief Creative Officer of Brandsplat. “But if you can make those hard facts and information entertaining in some way, you’re one step ahead.” Sounds simple enough, but as Enzo goes on to discuss in his recent Capture Commerce interview, creating pass-along content is much easier said than done.

There isn’t much of a difference between “sticky content” and “infotainment” – both do the same job. Infotainment requires that you “start with the premise that nobody really cares about a product or service…and [if you] approach your marketing efforts as such, you will soon see that your main goal is pretty simple; to just get people to like you/your brand/your product/your service.” This is very literally true in the cases of social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter that allow your clients to tangibly express affection for your product by Liking or Following your brand.

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Jun 07 2011

Twitter is a Lousy Sales Tool

Category: social mediaHeather

Capture Commerce recently had the pleasure of speaking with Enzo Cesario, resident online brand expert and Chief Creative Officer at So Cal’s Brandsplat. Enzo had some interesting thoughts concerning brand marketing in the digital age, and he pulled no punches when addressing Twitter as a marketing component. As it turns out, Twitter is a lousy sales tool. Here are a few ways you can maximize your online branding strategy without Tweeting until your fingers fall off…

Remember that Twitter alone won’t sell: As Enzo puts it, “From snake oil salesmen of the wild west, and even as far back as the Senate of ancient Rome, people have always pitched their wares in a public space.” This means that Twitter is in no way a sensational information dispenser, just a new medium. It’s hard not to feel like you’re doing some good by constantly talking about your brand on Twitter, but remember that essentially yelling about your product won’t get it done. Enzo hates when clients ask him “how to get more followers on Twitter,” as getting followers is such a small part of a bigger issue. The real money comes in engaging customers, not just beating them over the head with the same message.

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