Apr 27 2011

8 Successful Email Marketing Tips

Category: internet marketingGuest Author

Email marketing is fraught with difficulties as senders too often fail to adhere to the basic guidelines of email marketing with focus on the recipient. The following is a list of tips that should help you first reach the consumer and then build a relationship with them.

  • First of all, you need to ensure that you comply with association guidelines as well as simply keeping your recipients happy. The Direct Marketing Association’s Commitment To Consumer Choice Mission Statement requires you to notify consumers of the opportunity to modify or eliminate future mail solicitations. The CCC program is Continue reading “8 Successful Email Marketing Tips”


Apr 20 2011

How Expert Entrepreneurs Think

Category: internet marketingTom Shivers

Saras Sarasvathy, a professor at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, asked the question “What is learnable and teachable about entrepreneurship?”

She identified 245 US entrepreneurs who met specific criteria and interviewed 27 of them to learn the answers to her question in order to teach aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Apr 12 2011

Three Must-Have WordPress Security Plugins

Category: bloggingGuest Author

WordPress is widely recognized as the most powerful and most popular blogging platform available, and today there are millions of WordPress blogs inhabiting the massive Internet community. Unfortunately, WordPress’ ubiquity makes it a prime target for hackers. If you maintain a WordPress blog, here are three must-have security plugins that can help keep your blog safe, secure and online:

1 – Login Lockdown

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Apr 05 2011

Mobile Marketing: What Small Businesses Need To Know

Category: mobile marketingTom Shivers

If you are an early adopter of technology, you already know that mobile marketing is big and it’s just begun. To get up to speed on what’s happening in this space, I had the privilege of interviewing Christina Clark, co-founder of GMBH News Mobile.

What is the biggest challenge today for businesses who want to engage prospects via the mobile internet?

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