Jan 26 2011

5 Tips For Blog Post Inspiration

Category: bloggingSophia Bates

Whether you write your blog for pleasure or profit a hurdle we all have to jump over is the generation of stories. The more often you publish, the more you have to stretch yourself to come up with new content.

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Jan 20 2011

Forecast For Global Ecommerce: Growth

Category: generalTom Shivers

global ecommerce

Although the US and Canada lead the world in ecommerce spending, other countries are increasingly shopping online. By 2014, global ecommerce spending is projected to increase more than 90 percent. A sizable portion of that growth is expected to come from Latin America, where the amount spent online is projected to more than double.

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Jan 12 2011

Think Again Before Buying Keyword Domain Names

Category: organic seoTom Shivers

It has been estimated that 80% of all new websites seeking rank in Google are scraper sites or spam sites – sites that Google sees and then decides they are low quality and of little value to searchers. These sites are created with out much thought about the audience they are intended to attract and it’s not hard for anyone, even a search engine to see that they were thrown together for one purpose, quick search ranking. Google puts most new sites through a lot before they are allowed to enjoy good search rank.

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Jan 04 2011

4 Tools To Engage Your Online Audience

Category: conversion rate optimizationTom Shivers

Models the first few seconds of scene analysis by the brain of your landing page. It doesn’t require actual people to interact with your page and you get results instantly! Basically, it’s an instant heat map of your landing page without having to do expensive eye tracking studies or time consuming mouse tracking data analysis.
landing page eye tracking heat map
I created a free account to get a heat map for one of my client’s sites; it was easy: capture a screen shot of the page, then upload it to my account. You can wait a minute or log in later to get a downloadable pdf of the heat map and an offer with it. It shows you where most eyeballs look first, second, third… within a few seconds of loading the page. All web designers should know about this tool.

Five second tests help you easily identify the most prominent elements of your user interfaces. I did this by registering for a free account and creating a new test. I simply took a screen shot of one of my web pages, uploaded it to my account and let it run. Within a few hours I had several responses. Most people remembered “Capture Commerce” and “SEO”; hmm, I think they got it for a five second glimpse. It’s a great tool for verifying brand messages and getting instant feedback.

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