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Search Engine Marketing Case Study: Eagle Vending

Eagle Vending Company services more than 400 locations in Metro Atlanta with over 1,500 machines from 14 route delivery vehicles.

The Challenge
After years of success with Bellsouth Yellow Pages and advertising, Eagle Vending started losing business to a competitor who used search engine marketing. The owner and manager of Eagle Vending described their website at this time as "generating minimal business." They wanted to gradually move away from Yellow Pages advertising to use their website as the lead generation tool. Eagle Vending came to Capture Commerce in 2006 for help in making this online marketing transition.

The company's goal was to generate qualified leads from the search engines by first utilizing keyword ads with a pay-per-click campaign targeting metro Atlanta and to gain top rankings in the organic or natural search engine results for those keywords. The owner stated, "a good lead will generate a customer that we will often service for over 10 years." To achieve that goal of generating good leads, Eagle Vending needed to reach prospective organizations (businesses, schools, etc.) in the Atlanta area using a range of search terms like Atlanta vending, vending machines and vending service Atlanta.

The Campaign
Capture Commerce put together both short-term and long-term plans to effectively realize these goals. First, we set up a Google Adwords pay-per-click campaign to gain quick exposure and increase traffic to the site. The campaign is continually monitored for optimal performance.

Eagle Vending's search engine optimization campaign focuses on the Atlanta business-to-business market. Each phase of the SEO campaign was crafted to fit the marketing message and included adjusting the website, honing copywriting, enhancing navigation, adding content and an ongoing link-building campaign.

Since Eagle Vending's clients are 90% Atlanta businesses their links and ads were placed in other web properties where Atlanta's decision makers look for business solutions. So, no matter where a prospect is on the web, they'll easily find Eagle Vending!

Finally, web analytics were utilized to track all aspects of the campaign to verify which traffic sources were resulting in lead generation. Changes to the campaign and the website are routinely made to improve the quality of lead generation based on observed visitor behavior.

The Results
According to the owner, Capture Commerce's efforts have resulted in more leads and new stops on their Atlanta routes - more than filling the gap left when they discontinued Bellsouth Yellow Pages and advertising.

The site ranks No. 1 for numerous search terms and also holds many top 5 positions in the search engines. In fact, Capture Commerce gained top 10 rankings for 97% of Eagle Vending's keywords and No. 1 rankings for 59%. The organic search results speak for themselves.

Go to Google and type in Atlanta vending, is top 5 out of 1,130,000 competing pages. Try typing in Atlanta vending companies, is top 3 out of 758,000 competing pages.

Go to Yahoo and type in vending machine Atlanta, is top 3 out of 789,000 competing pages.

These are three of Eagle Vending's most valuable keywords because they drive the most organic traffic to the site through search engines and convert into a high number of good leads for Eagle Vending.

The owner's cooperative and winner attitude allowed Capture Commerce to take his Internet marketing campaign and website from a minimal performing one to a lead generation tool that delivers good leads regularly.

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